Ultimate “Marketing” Tactics – How to Turn Online Traffic into Money – #2 of 4

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    If you don’t already track your Website Conversion Rate, START TODAY! Whether you are using landing pages, videos, free e-books, or another popular strategy for converting traffic into paying customers, you definitely want to track it.

    Do you know how to calculate and use a Website Conversion Rate?

    “In internet marketing, Conversion Rate is the ratio of visitors who convert casual content views or website visits into desired actions based on subtle or direct requests from marketers, advertisers, and content creators” according to Wikipedia. It is defined as:

    Conversion Rate = # of Actions / # of Visits

    In this equation, “# of Actions” is your desired outcome, or your conversion goal. For example, if you want visitors to use a discount code or coupon at purchase, then that is the “call to action” conversion goal.

    Many “marketing” tools for free web analytics, such as Google Analytics, are readily available to make the job easier, enabling you to track website conversion rate trends over time. Google offers its web analytics solution for no charge, allowing anyone with a website to:

    • track conversion data,
    • analyze the flow of visitors through their site, and
    • identify elements of their site that could be changed to improve visitor retention.

    For more help, check out this Tip for Getting Started.

    For even more “Marketing” tips and tactics, search these phrases:

    • Conversion Goals
    • Conversion Funnel
    • Web Analytics Tools

    Happy “Marketing” Hunting!

    Which free web analytics tools work best for you?


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