Protect Them

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    In Wally Bock’s Three Start Leadership Blog, I saw this boss’s tip of the Day:

    Boss’s Tip of the Day: Protect your people

    So often we forget this. So often we worry too much about our own career and our own protection. We forget that our success is determined by their success.

    This was a lesson I learned early in my career. Someone told me that as a manager, my success could only be measured by the success of my weakest team member. That took a little while to set in, but once it did and once I really understood its meaning, my team became much more successful. With that came my success.

    Leadership has nothing to do with you and your title. Leadership requires that someone is following you and leaders who don’t protect lose followers. Protection builds trust and loyalty, things that also drive discretionary effort. If you want your people to put in the extra time or effort when needed, protect them. If you want them to stand up for you, protect them. If you want them to value your opinion or direction, protect them. If you want candor, protect them.

    What advice for boss’s can you add?

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