Are You Ready for the Talent Management Storm?

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    The 2013 talent management predictions indicate that we have a storm ahead. Finding and keeping the right talent is going to continue to prove a challenge for organizations. It is further predicted that the old antiquated systems of talent management do not work.

    If you are working in an organization with talent in almost in any role, you are mostly already aware that these systems do not work. And with the increase in talent management software solutions flooding the market, it is also likely that you have lived through a revision in your talent management practices in recent years.

    So is it working? Are we moving fast enough?

    The predictions and the surveys indicate a no. So why are we failing? Below are a few of my ideas. What can you add?

    • We throw technology at the problem. There are a number of really good talent management platforms available. The “review forms” are electronic and increase the ease of completing the forms. Many will even provide guidance on the proper words to use. There are colorful graphics and charts available to show our talent in a more pleasing way.

    So why the failure? The process moved; it didn’t change. We have the same people doing the same thing. They just get better tools to do it with.

    • We fail to do the research with the right people. If you are working in an environment where you know something is broken, you want it fixed. You need it fixed and the business wants you to fix it quickly. So you move forward with the latest and greatest buzzword philosophy or technology. You listen to all the vendors tell you how to do talent management. You buy the sales pitch.

    But who is the best person to tell you how to do talent management? The talent. Talk to them. Hear them. Use them to vet the process and give you feedback along the way.

    • We try to fix it all overnight. We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Deep cultural changes are a process. And when it’s broken we try to fix all it as soon as possible. Instead of focusing on the most critical changes or even the easy wins, we go out with a mission to change it all. It doesn’t work. Lasting impactful change requires a process. Focus on the right things and do them really well. And when you are successful, market your success within the organization. Highlight the wins that moving you in the right direction and continue to ask the talent to assist. They might just stick around to see if you can pull it off.

    What can you add?

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