Poor performance, What’s the Cause?

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    We spend a lot of time in business and in HR building systems and processes to accomplish goals. Whether or not we have well-defined goals, we do typically have systems or processes in place in an effort to make the business work. Sometimes the systems are well defined and sometimes they are not. Regardless, these systems are often to blame when things aren’t going well, along with everything else from the employees not listening to poor management.

    So what do you do when things aren’t going well? Whether a decision is made to fire everyone or do nothing at all, the reactions are often made too quickly without proper analysis. These quick reactions lead to a repeating cycle of “things not going well.” It’s a common reaction and often times it is fueled by a desperate need to get things on the right track. So companies forge ahead and begin changing things. Frequently attempt to change everything as if they are trying to hit a reset button and just start over. However, in doing this the situation often gets worse without the expected better ever coming along.

    What would happen if instead of trying to change the systems, we start by looking at whether or not they are currently being followed? Are they being followed in some areas and not others? Do we have better results in the areas where they are being followed? And if we find through our analysis that the system needs changed, do we have to start over or do we just need to make a few tweaks?

    Regardless of the situation, do the analysis. Know the cause and then you will know how to proceed.

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