Tips and Tricks-Supervising Others

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    This is the first in a new series called tips and tricks. Supervising others is one of the most difficult jobs one can have; it is also one of the most important. Below is a list of tips for supervising others that I picked up along my career path. What can you add?

    ☺ Give Positive recognition immediately

    ☺ Meet individually with your employees to discuss their career goals and identify the skills they need to achieve these goals

    ☺ Evaluate yourself; ask “What do people have to do to get positive feedback from me?”

    ☺ Give immediate feedback on poor performance. Silence is acceptance.

    ☺ Maintain a development file for every employee. Track progress throughout the year

    ☺ Focus feedback on behavior. Be more descriptive and less evaluative in your feedback.

    ☺ Recognize development efforts, not just results.

    ☺ Help your employees build their skills by having each employee work on improving one development need at a time. Be specific about the steps he or she can take to meet his or her goals.

    ☺ Identify your replacement and develop them to do your job. If you don’t have a replacement, hire one.

    ☺ Rotate people through key positions to develop their skill set

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