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    My favorite part of summer is watching my kids play baseball. My oldest son has played with the same coach for three years. For the first two years, the team was mostly the same players and the team worked well together on and off the field. But this year is a little different. This was the first year, the coaches picked players from a draft (no parent requests for a coach) and it was also the first year that some of our players were eligible to participate in a travel team. So the team has only four of the original players. It’s an entirely new dynamic.
    The difference isn’t in the talent of the individual players. We lost some talented players, but we gained some talented players. Overall the individual talent has stayed about the same or maybe has improved a little bit. The big difference is the cohesiveness of the team. (Granted due to the record rainfall this spring, the team got very little practice time prior to opening day.) They are unruly on the bench, they fail to support one another during gameplay and are quick to comment (sometimes loudly) when a teammate misses the play or makes an error.
    The story is a classic, right? A team that needs a little team building and coaching. But as a parent, I am not the coach. However, since I have built a relationship of trust with the coach, I know where I can help and I trust in him that will take the lead on the other stuff.

    That’s the kind of relationship that HR needs in the workplace with the leaders. You are responsible for building relationships with the organization’s coaches so that you can support them in their job to build a productive cohesive team.

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