Learner-Centered Training Part 4

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    If you have been following the series on Learner-Centered Training, you have already read about the first two steps in creating this environment. The third step is the practice phase. This is a critical step in the training as it is where learning transfer takes place. It is also critical in this phase to remove the roadblocks to successful transfer and application. Below are a few examples:
    • No immediate need to apply the learning on the job.
    • No support system to reinforce the learning.
    • Lack of cultural support for the new learning.
    • Lack of reward for applying new learning.
    • Lack of consequences for failing to apply new learning.
    Only 5% of classroom learning is retained without reinforcement and coaching There are a number of ways that you can take to ensure successful transfer or integration of the learning. It is important to reinforce the learning during and after the training session.
    Building Integration that Removes Barriers During the Session

    • Job-Related Simulations
    • Problem-solving cases using real business issues
    • Evaluation of learning tests, quizzes, demonstrations, etc.
    • Have participants create detailed action plans of how they can use the learning on the job
    • Have learners create job aides for their new learning
    • Schedule follow-up conversations or coaching sessions to review transfer on the job.
    After the Session

    • Set up group follow-up sessions with learners to share their experiences implementing the learning (can be done remotely if needed)
    • Partner learners with a mentor
    • Use tip-of-week reminders that can be delivered in any media format
    • Start a blog or wiki following the training for learners to post best practices and success stories
    • Involve and train managers and leaders to support the learning
    • Reward managers who support training and participants who demonstrate the skills and knowledge
    • Use metrics and evaluations to determine results

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