CFC Summer 2013 Action Planning – Part 3

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    CFC Special Events & Resources

    There are many/various types of CFC special events that are held before and during the solicitation period of a CFC campaign. The best known are the CFC charity fairs, but other special events and resources that a CFC charity should be aware of are:

    • Speaker’s Bureaus
    • Loaned Executives
    • Open Houses for CFC Campaign Staff
    • Kickoff Events
    • Charity Fairs

    In a given region, the contractor that has the campaign management responsibility is called the PCFO, or Principal Combined Fund Organization. Fund is in their names because after the campaign is over, the PCFOs have the fiduciary responsibility of getting the CFC funds to the correct CFC charity.

    Speaker’s Bureaus
    During the campaign period, many PCFOs establish “Speaker’s Bureaus” where the volunteer CFC campaign staff of Federal agencies that are looking for excellent speakers from non-profits to be part of their CFC kickoff ceremonies. Non-profits who have the capacity, and the spokesperson should be good can sign up with the speaker bureaus, and as requests come in they will make try and match non-profits and Federal agencies. The exact process varies in every CFC region, so you need to contact the PCFO for your region and ask if they have a CFC speaker’s bureau, and how to sign up.

    Loaned Executives (L.E.)
    Loaned executives are Federal employees who are detailed to the PCFO for the CFC campaign period. They are often people who were active in their agency’s CFC campaign, perhaps having been a campaign manager, the communications chairperson, or a charity fair organizer. Depending upon the size of an agency, they may have one or more assigned to assist that agency with its CFC campaign, or for smaller agencies, an L.E. may have multiple agencies that he or she is providing CFC consulting services for. There are often L.E. team meetings, and some PCFOs invite a small number of CFC charities to attend the team meeting to let the L.E.s know about the mission of their particular CFC charity.

    Open Houses for CFC Campaign Staff
    As part of the L.E. training, it is sometimes better to visit the CFC charity to see firsthand what they do. If yours is such a charity, let the PCFO know that you would be open to having CFC campaign volunteers visit so that you can show the L.E.s and other CFC campaign staff what you do. CFC campaign staff cannot recommend a particular CFC charity over any other charity, but it helps them better understand the non-profit environment and how a charity is pursuing its mission.

    Kickoff Events
    Kickoff events are held at the beginning of a CFC campaign, and the Agency Head is usually one of the keynote speakers. There are usually one or two speakers from CFC charities as well. If your senior leadership is good at, and interested in public speaking, these can be good opportunities. Kickoff events often invite a small number of CFC charities as well, but since space is limited, four to six non-profits is a pretty typical number.

    Charity Fairs
    Charity Fairs are typically mid-campaign events, and depending upon a given agency’s conference room or cafeteria facilities, from ten to thirty CFC charities or CFC Federations will be invited.

    How to Enroll for Special Events
    The PCFO is the point of contact for all the special events, also contact the Loaned Executives to find out what agencies they are helping and make contact with the ones that are a good fit for your non-profit. For example, if your non-profit deals with issues facing veterans, the Veterans Administration LE would be a good fit.

    What’s next?
    In my September 26th post I will discuss the most effective ways to benefit from your non-profit’s participation in the CFC.

    During his 25-year career in the Federal sector, Bill Huddleston, The CFC Coach,
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