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    There are about ten things your non-profit must do now in order to have a Tips for CFC successful campaign this fall – CFC campaigns run from Sept. 1 to Dec. 15 each year. I don’t have room to cover all ten in this post, but here are three of the most important, with the overarching theme being “Don’t run a stealth campaign”:

    • The CFC Logo

    Have you ever watched the Little League World Series on TV, played in Japan each year? Even with the signs on the outfield fences in Japanese, you can still recognize which companies are advertising because of their logos. In a similar vein, millions of potential federal donors recognize the Combined Federal Campaign logo, which is restricted to use by charities that are enrolled in the CFC.

    The CFC logo is recognized worldwide by federal public servants wherever they are working, and for Federal employees, giving through the CFC is the most donor-friendly way for them to give.

    The CFC logo is a million-dollar benefit provided free to CFC charities, which is another unique feature of workplace giving – the only type of non-profit fundraising that is subsidized, low-risk and high leverage.

    If your non-profit is in the CFC, having the CFC logo and your code number on your home page will answer 85% of the questions your potential CFC donors might have. Get your logo in the format you need at:

    • Email Signatures of all staff and board members

    Especially during the solicitation period, the e-mail signatures of all staff and board members should include information about the workplace-giving campaigns your non-profit participates in, including the CFC code number. It doesn’t need to be long; some variation of this will work:

    The ABC Charity participates in the Combined Federal Campaign
    with the CFC code: 00000, please ask your Federal friends to
    support us in their agency’s CFC campaign this fall! Thanks very
    much for your support in passing the word! To learn more about
    our workplace giving campaigns, see www.homepage/

    The point is, you don’t know who the recipients of your e-mail messages know, including information about the fact your non-profit participates in the CFC will help get the word out.

    • Team Work – What Does it Really Mean?

    If I call your organization and ask the question, “Are you in the CFC?” what answer will I get?

    A.  Yes, we are, and our code number is 12345. Is there any
    other way I can help you?

    B.  I think so, but I’m not the person who handles it, and that
    person’s not in yet, can I take a message?

    C.  What’s the CFC?

    Teamwork is hard, communication is hard, and the way to improve in this area is practice and this is one of the benefits of workplace giving campaigns – they provide multiple opportunities for staff development for the non-profits that are smart enough to recognize the opportunities presented.

    What are the existing connections between your supporters (donors, volunteers, staff, board members) and the Federal community?

    Please note that “supporters” are not restricted to “donors.” You may very well have supporters who think well of your organization, but, for whatever reason, are not in a position to be donors at the present.

    For you as a non-profit leader, have these actions taken place:
    •  Have you asked your current supporters to help get the word out
    about the fact that the organization that they care about is enrolled
    in the CFC? Use your newsletter/email list to do so.

    •  Does everyone on your staff (including volunteers) know that their
    nonprofit is enrolled in the CFC and what your CFC code number is?

    •  What does the front desk person say about the CFC? And don’t
    call in with your own cell phone with caller ID, have a friend call,
    ask the front desk person about the CFC, and report back on their

    From the little quiz above, obviously, Answer A is the one you want, but if you get one of the other responses, use it as an opportunity to improve the communication and teamwork actions in your non-profit.

    As I said, there are ten actions that you must take during the campaign season to have a successful CFC campaign, and these three: CFC Logo and code number on the home page, the CFC code number in all e-mail signatures, and using the CFC as a team work opportunity are important ones.
    During his 25-year career in the Federal sector, Bill Huddleston, The CFC Coach, served in many CFC roles. If you want to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign, maximize your nonprofit’s CFC revenues, or just ask a few questions, contact … Bill Huddleston
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