The Combined Federal Campaign — Let the Games Begin !!

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    Having just finished enjoying the spectacle that is the Summer Olympics, it’s now time to turn our attention to the CFC- Combined Federal Campaign solicitation period, which began on September 1 and runs to December 15th.

    The CFC is a Mandatory, Voluntary Program — That’s Not A Contradiction
    The government requires that CFC campaigns be conducted in every Federal agency/office/location worldwide, but all participation and giving is voluntary.

    We’re now in the CFC Solicitation Period. If your nonprofit is in the CFC, and you’ve taken the steps outlined in previous posts, this will be the busiest time of the year for your CFC Action Team.

    What Matters – Communication and Teamwork
    By now, you should have named your CFC Team Leader, a staff person who is responsible for organizing and getting the word out about your nonprofit’s participation in the CFC.

    The biggest mistake made by CFC charities is that some go through the application process to enroll, and then they run a stealth campaign!

    7 Tips To Help Ensure A Successful CFC Campaign

    1.  Website: Homepage: Make sure your homepage has the CFC logo with your charity’s
    five-digit code number under the logo. This will answer 95% of the questions that
    potential Federal donors will have when they come to your website. The logo itself
    is a million-dollar benefit made available to charities in the CFC, and just like the
    Coca-Cola and Nike logos, it is recognized by millions of potential CFC donors.

    Website: Workplace Giving Section– In addition to the homepage, in your donor
    section, include info about workplace giving, thank people in advance, and ask them
    for a payroll deduction pledge. It is also helpful to have examples of how a periodic
    pledge will be used by your nonprofit, e.g. “Twenty dollars per pay period will pay for
    food for a rescued puppy for a month,” etc.

    2.  Teamwork Leadership Exercise #1: Make sure every board member, staff member
    and volunteer to know that you’re in the CFC and what your code number is.

    Note: To see how well this has been learned, have someone unknown to the staff call
    your organization, and ask, “Are you in the CFC?” The answer from whomever they
    reach should be “Yes we are, and this is our CFC code number. May I provide any
    other information?”

    This is a good test of how well your staff members are acting as part of your CFC team.

    3.  E-mail signature: Add to your e-mail signature that you participate in the CFC, and
    thank any CFC donor in advance for their payroll deduction gift. This should be part
    of every staff person’s e-mail signature block, and ask
    your board members if they can include it in their e-mails as well.

    4.  CFC Special Events Kickoffs and Charity Fairs: Register with your local
    CFC office to let them know that you’re interested and able to participate in either
    kickoffs or charity fairs. If you have a leader or board member who is a compelling
    speaker, let them know that you’re able to provide a keynote speaker as well.

    5.  Location, Location, Location – If you have one, use it! If your charity is in a
    the location where there is drive-by or pedestrian traffic put a sign up in your window,
    or along the roadway with your name, the CFC logo, and your CFC 5-digit code. The
    American Red Cross hangs a banner off the roof of its headquarters building, proving
    that 18th-century tools still work.

    6.  Teamwork Exercise # 2: Ask your constituents (e.g., donors, volunteers, staff, board
    members, friends, etc.) if they have any “Federal Connections;” and, if so, ask them
    to let those “connections” know that you’re in the CFC and that their support in the
    current CFC campaign would help a lot of people/kids/animals. They could even carry
    a couple of your brochures to give to their “connections.”

    7.  Say Thank You Early & Often! With a CFC campaign, you won’t get the names of your
    donors released to you until next spring, so at any contact you have, let your potential
    Federal donors know that you appreciate their gifts. If you are invited to charity fairs,
    make sure to thank the charity fair organizer and the CFC Campaign manager. If you’re
    invited to be a keynote speaker, thank the agency head in addition to the CFC volunteers
    just mentioned.

    These tips, however, can only help if you’re in the CFC campaign. If you’re not, yet, now is the time to begin thinking about applying for next year’s campaign. For a special free guide to help you make that decision, send me (Bill Huddleston) an email with “Guide” in the subject line, and I’ll be glad to send it to you.

    During his 25-year career in the Federal sector, Bill Huddleston, The CFC Coach, served in many CFC roles. If you want to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign, maximize your nonprofit’s CFC revenues, or just ask a few questions, contact … Bill Huddleston
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