A CFC Hint for National and International Charities … and Local NPOs

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    Consider a DBA
    This is especially important for national and international charities, where if you are a small national or international non-profit, everyone may not recognize your name.

    The national and international lists are rigidly alphabetical; if your official name is “The Best Charity” you will be listed in the “T”s for “The” not in the “B”s for “Best.”

    There are many charities whose names begin with “American” or “International.” And, the information for all of those organizations will be listed among the other nonprofits whose names begin with those words.

    One technique that charities may choose to deal with this situation is to file a “Doing Business As” (DBA) change of name with their state and/or with the IRS for their workplace giving campaigns.

    One example of a foundation that does this is the American Hospice Foundation, which is a member of America’s Charities Federation, and in their workplace giving campaigns they are listed as “Hospice America.” By doing this, their information is listed near other hospice-related charities, making it easier to find them than if they were listed among the charities whose names begin with “American.”


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