How to Retain Your Best Employees

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    10 Ways to Encourage Your High Performer to Leave
    Are You Concerned With Employee Retention?
    Additional Perspectives on Retaining Employees

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    One of the most expensive labor costs is the replacement of employees. Fortunately,
    there are many things a supervisor can do to increase the likelihood that good
    employees will remain. The supervisor can ensure the employee understands the
    job is fully oriented and trained to do it, has suitable compensation, is effectively
    led, has a job design that helps the employee to be motivated, shares useful
    feedback, and supports the employee’s career development.

    10 Ways to Encourage Your High Performer to Leave

    © Copyright Sheri Mazurek

    A recent survey, Mercer’s 2010 Attraction and Retention Survey (as cited
    on indicates that 27% of companies are planning to expand their
    workforce, which is up from 12% in 2009. As more and more companies begin hiring
    in higher numbers, the fear of losing high-performing talent increases for many.
    If you have that fear, please see the below list of things that will drive your
    high-performing employees to seek other opportunities.

    1. Fail to provide them with development opportunities
    2. Question everything they do
    3. Micromanage their work
    4. Fail to let them take ownership of their work
    5. Fail to provide challenging work
    6. Fail to address performance issues of others
    7. Fail to provide them with performance feedback
    8. Fail to consider their insight or fail to even ask
    9. Ignore their suggestions
    10. Fail to discuss their goals

    Are You Concerned With Employee Retention?

    © Copyright Sheri Mazurek

    How concerned are you about employee retention? If you are an HR pro, you should
    always be concerned about the retention of your high-performing employees. And
    if you have allowed the job market of the past two years to sway your focus
    on this, then you might expect some trouble ahead. According to a recent survey
    conducted by Kelton Research, The Cornerstone OnDemand “Employee Attitude
    Survey”, you may not be alone.

    The survey reveals a look at the perceptions employees currently have about
    their workplace. If we were to use the survey as a scorecard, then we would
    see that many organizations are failing in some very critical retention areas.
    Using the familiar grading scale of where 70% gets you a C, let’s take
    a look at the areas with a failing grade.

    Surveys Say About Showing Appreciation:

    • 54% say their colleagues show them appreciation
    • Only 30% say their managers; 16% say executives
    • Grade F

    Receiving Feedback on Performance?

    • 58% say NO
    • 71% say “they haven’t gotten any reaction from their supervisors
      in the last six months.”
    • F

    Establish Career Goals with Employees?

    • 82% say during the past six months that they haven’t
    • F

    Show alignment with company goals and objectives.

    • 53% say they don’t have a clear understanding of how their role fits
      within the organization
    • F

    Additional Perspectives on Retaining Employees

    Motivating and Retaining the Best Employees
    Retaining Employees in a Competitive Work
    Ways to Encourage Your High Performers to Leave

    Are you concerned with employee retention?

    How to Keep Your Star Performers in Trying Times
    What It Takes to Be a Great Employer
    Development as a Retention Tool
    “Fracking” Your Organization
    Employee Turnover: Why People Quit Their Jobs
    Employee Retention:5 Key Management Practices
    25 Ways to Develop Your Stars and Keep Them!
    Talent Management: Leverage Your Top Talent Before You Lose Them
    Is Employee Turnover Costing You? You Bet It Is!
    Employee Turnover: Can We Predict Who Is About to Quit?

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    to Reward Performance

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