Design of Free Management Library’s Quizzes

Sections of this topic

    Written by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD

    NOTE: This information applies to quizzes that are hosted on the Library’s
    webpages, that is, pages that have the Libary’s logo and branding.

    The Library associates quizzes with certain of its topics. The following information
    explains the philosophy of the design of the quizzes.

    1. The purpose of a quiz is to give the visitor some impression of their current
      knowledge of the content explained in the topic, including the content
      referenced by certain links in the topic.
    2. The questions in a quiz are focused on a sampling of concepts from that
    3. Explanations of concepts are the opinions of the author of the content.
    4. Thus, the questions in a quiz do not necessarily address all of the concepts
      in its associated topic.
    5. Thus, a quiz is not a substitute for reading all of the content on a topic.
    6. The best way to learn how to apply guidelines and explanations in various
      topics is to actually apply them over time, ideally with the ongoing guidance
      of an expert in that topic.