Oxford Gold Group Review 2024: Is It Legit?

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    If you’re seeking a trustworthy retirement plan or investment option, Oxford Gold Group is worth considering. We understand the importance of selecting the right company and are here to provide you with essential information to support your decision-making process. 

    Our comprehensive research evaluates various companies, including Oxford Gold Group, focusing on factors like customer service, reputation, and investment options. This comparison allows you to choose the company that best meets your needs and investment goals.

    We will examine the history, features, benefits, drawbacks, and unique aspects of Oxford Gold Group. We’ll discuss how they can help protect your wealth. Prepare for an enlightening journey where gold, wisdom, and prosperity converge in the world of Oxford Gold Group.

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    What Is Oxford Gold Group?

    Oxford Gold Group provides gold IRAs, 401ks, silver IRAs, and precious metals IRAs and is an IRS-approved dealer of precious metals for IRA investments, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars.

    Oxford also offers IRA account managers to assist consumers with understanding the process of opening, funding, investing in a gold IRA account, and selecting the right metals for purchase. The company has established partnerships with Brinks Global Services and the Delaware Depository Service Company for storing gold, as the IRS prohibits storing gold IRA metals at home.

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    What Does Oxford Gold Group Offer?

    Oxford offers two distinct types of customer relationships. One caters to precious metals investors, and the other serves IRA retirement savers interested in self-directed IRAs. Under IRS regulations, these investments can include physical metals like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

    Gold IRA

    An Oxford Gold IRA allows investment in physical metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. This account can also include paper assets like mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), precious metals futures, and mining stocks. According to IRS regulations, all physical assets must be stored in an IRS-certified depository, and a certified custodian must manage the purchases and sales for the account owner.

    Silver IRA

    The Oxford Silver IRA is primarily focused on silver investments. However, per IRS guidelines, these accounts can hold any type of metal, including gold, silver, palladium, or platinum, without restrictions.

    Precious Metals IRA

    A precious metals IRA must adhere to the IRS’s specific regulations for self-directed accounts. Any physical coins, bars, or ingots must be stored in an IRS-approved depository by an IRA-qualified trustee. Coins within the account must meet certain standards, and these accounts can only be opened with cash. You cannot contribute precious metal coins or roll them over from another account.


    A 401(k) is an employer-sponsored retirement plan that allows contributions from both the employee and employer. These plans can include investments in gold exchange-traded funds and gold mining stocks but not physical metals. Oxford Gold Group can facilitate setting up a new gold IRA using a 401(k) rollover, where assets are withdrawn from an old 401(k) and deposited into a new gold IRA within 60 days to avoid IRS penalties.

    Gold Coins and Bars

    Oxford Gold Group manages the purchase of physical assets for IRA account owners and brokers purchases of precious metals for non-IRA investments. Available gold coins include the American Eagle, South African Krugerrand, and Canadian Maple Leaf, as well as coins from the mints of Great Britain, Austria, and Australia.

    Silver Coins and Bars

    The Oxford website provides detailed descriptions of each coin available for purchase and essential information for collectors. For instance, the classic Walking Liberty half-dollar, made from 90 percent silver and minted between 1916 and 1947, contains .3617 ounces of silver. For current prices of these and other coins, you can provide your name and phone number for a quote.

    Platinum Coins and Bars

    Platinum, a heavy, silver-colored precious metal, is rarer than gold and sought after due to its high melting point and resistance to corrosion and chemical attacks. It’s widely used in industries such as auto manufacturing and medical devices. Most platinum is mined in South Africa, and its price is more volatile than gold. Oxford Gold Group markets platinum in coins and bars for both retirement investors and short-term speculators.

    Palladium Coins and Bars

    The IRS has approved palladium for inclusion in self-directed IRAs. As the rarest precious metal, palladium is used in various industries and is a key component in many catalytic converters. It’s also used in jewelry making, often combined with gold. The scarcity of palladium has driven its price higher than that of platinum or gold, and it’s available in coin and bar form.

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    Oxford Gold Group Pricing

    Gold IRAs often come with various fees. Oxford Gold Group does not charge an annual account maintenance fee for its precious metals IRA. However, it does have a storage fee of $200 per year, with a year-long rebate offered for every $25,000 in the account.

    Like other gold dealers, Oxford’s prices for precious metals include a markup percentage due to market fluctuations. Oxford will repurchase precious metals from its clients, though the offer may be below the spot market prices.

    Pros of Oxford Gold Group

    • Hands-on guidance: Oxford Gold Group offers personalized advice from advisors who help guide you through the investment process, especially beneficial for those new to gold investing or needing expert advice.
    • Educational resources: The company provides extensive educational materials and FAQs on its website to help investors understand gold IRAs, investment options, and what Oxford Gold Group offers.
    • Buyback program: Oxford Gold Group’s buyback program allows investors to sell their gold holdings back to the company, offering liquidity and flexibility for those who need to exit their investments.
    • Assistance with retirement accounts: The company assists in rolling over funds from existing 401(k) or other retirement accounts into gold, which is advantageous for those looking to diversify their retirement portfolio with precious metals.

    Cons of Oxford Gold Group

    • Lack of fee transparency: Oxford Gold Group does not provide detailed fee information on its website, only average fee ranges. This lack of transparency can make it challenging for potential investors to understand the full costs of investing with the company.
    • Unobtainable free investment guide:  Although the company advertises a “free investment guide,” there have been reports that obtaining this document is challenging, potentially frustrating for those seeking more information before investing.

    Where Does Oxford Gold Group Store My Precious Metals?

    Storing your precious metals is a crucial consideration when investing. Oxford Gold Group uses the Delaware Depository in Wilmington, Delaware, and the Brinks Depository in Salt Lake City, Utah, for storage. Insured carriers transport the metals to and from these depositories.

    Both locations are insured by Lloyds of London, renowned for its reliability, and secured with advanced technology and trained staff, ensuring the safety of your investments.

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    Can I See How My Precious Metal Investments Are Performing?

    Tracking your investment portfolio’s performance is crucial with any investment. Oxford Gold Group provides access to an online account portal that allows you to monitor your portfolio, including the value of your metal and recent price fluctuations.

    You’ll also receive quarterly electronic statements from your account custodian to keep you updated, even if you don’t log into your account. If you prefer, you can opt for paper statements for an additional fee.

    How to Open an Account?

    Opening an account with Oxford Gold Group involves a four-step process:

    Open an Account

    Begin by opening an account through the company’s website or by calling (877) 544-1523. The application is brief, taking about ten minutes to complete, and most new accounts are opened within 24 hours of completing the application.

    Transfer Funds  

    Once your account is open, you can transfer funds into it. If you have an existing IRA or retirement account, you can transfer assets or conduct a rollover to fund the account. Alternatively, you can contribute from your bank. Transfers can take up to five business days.

    Select Metals

    With funds in your new precious metal IRA, you can discuss investment options with your account partner, including specific coins and bars. After designing your portfolio, your account partner will place the orders on your behalf.

    Ship Metals

    After ordering the metals for your IRA, your account partner will arrange to ship them to one of Oxford Gold Group’s depositories in Delaware or Utah.

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    How Can I Withdraw From My Account?

    If you open an IRA, withdrawals are restricted until you reach 59 ½ years old. Early withdrawals before this age are subject to a 10% penalty and applicable taxes.

    With Oxford Gold Group, you have two options for withdrawing from your account:

    You can sell the metals in your account. Oxford Gold Group will manage the sale and can transfer the proceeds to your preferred bank account.

    Alternatively, you can opt to have your metals delivered. Oxford Gold Group will ship the chosen metals to your home. Once they arrive, be sure to have a secure storage plan for them.

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    Oxford Gold’s Reviews From Real Users – How Legit Is It?

    Let’s be honest; only some customers are delighted with every business interaction. As a discerning consumer, you understand the importance of looking for potential red flags before committing to significant investments, such as those in precious metals. So, what do the reviews of Oxford Gold Group indicate?

    Oxford Gold Group has received impressive ratings from customer review agencies. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) awards the company an A+ rating and a score of 4.83 out of 5 stars.

    Oxford Gold Group is a well-known and trusted business with strong ratings from many sources, including Trustpilot.

    Alternatives to Oxford Gold IRA

    Augusta Precious Metals – Best Precious Metal IRA Company Overall 

    Augusta Precious Metals logo

    Augusta Precious Metals, a leading gold IRA company, boasts over 45 years of experience offering investment products such as silver and gold bullion. They prioritize transparency by breaking down expenses and conducting one-on-one webinars for clients. While there are no transaction fees, price spreads apply to physical metals. 

    Despite a higher minimum investment, Augusta’s solid reputation, comprehensive refund policy, and secure storage options make it a reliable choice in the industry. The limited selection of metals and high minimum investment are drawbacks, yet their customer service is outstanding.

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    American Hartford Gold – Best Precious Metals IRA Company for Small Investments

    American Hartford Gold Logo

    American Hartford Gold is a trusted gold IRA company known for its strong track record and high customer satisfaction. It offers services including precious metal IRAs, gold and silver IRA rollovers, and direct purchases of gold and silver bars/coins. With minimum investments of $5,000 for direct purchases and $10,000 for gold IRA rollovers, it offers flexible investment options. 

    They collaborate with Equity Trust as a custodian and provide secure storage through well-known companies like Brinks and Delaware Depository. American Hartford Gold ensures ongoing support with dedicated account representatives and provides a free guide to aid investors in making informed decisions.

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    Lear Capital – Best for First-Time Buyers

    Lear Capital logo

    Lear Capital is a well-regarded company in the precious metals IRA sector, offering valuable metal coins for IRA diversification. They deliver personalized service with dedicated account managers and are transparent about their fees. 

    Lear Capital has received positive client feedback, effectively addressing criticisms and maintaining a high Trustpilot rating. With nearly 25 years of experience, they strive to offer a seamless investment process and expert guidance for individuals interested in precious metals IRAs.

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    Oxford Gold Review – Frequently Asked Questions

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    Final Thoughts on Oxford Gold Review

    Oxford Gold Group is a relatively new IRA management company that offers services to IRA and non-IRA customers and collaborates with two reputable precious metals custodians.

    While the company’s website does not clearly outline its fee structures, account minimums, and rebates, this information can be easily obtained by contacting its account representatives. Like other precious metals IRA managers, Oxford requires direct, hands-on interaction with its agents.

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