How to Register Your Business Name in Kentucky in 4 Steps

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    Congrats on taking the bold step of registering a business name in Kentucky! Whether you’re a newbie entrepreneur or an experienced business owner, Kentucky provides a welcoming atmosphere for various business structures. 

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    4 Steps to Register Your Business Name in Kentucky

    To ensure legal conformity and establish your brand in Kentucky, register your business name. Follow these four easy steps to register your business name in the Bluegrass State officially. 

    Step 1: Choose Your Business Structure in Kentucky

    Before you can register your business in Kentucky, it’s essential to decide on its legal structure. There are various choices available, each with unique levels of liability protection and administrative obligations.

    Sole Proprietorship

    A sole proprietorship is the most basic form of business organization in which the owner and the business are one and the same. 

    The owner takes personal liability for all debts and responsibilities. In Kentucky, unlike other structures, a sole proprietorship doesn’t need to be formally registered with the state. However, there may still be a requirement for local permits or licenses.

    General Partnership

    Two or more individuals can form a general partnership where they share ownership, profits, and liabilities. In Kentucky, register a general partnership with the state like a sole proprietorship. 

    However, it may be necessary to file a “Kentucky Assumed Name Certificate” (DBA) in the county where the business operates.

    Limited Partnership (LP)

    In Kentucky, a limited partnership is formed by combining general partners who have unlimited liability with limited partners who have limited liability. To create an LP in Kentucky, submit a “Certificate of Limited Partnership” to the Kentucky Secretary of State.

    Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    A Limited Liability Company (LLC) combines the benefits of liability protection from a corporation with the tax advantages and simplicity of a partnership. 

    To establish an LLC in Kentucky, submit “Articles of Organization” to the Secretary of State and prepare an Operating Agreement that details the company’s structure for management and ownership.


    In Kentucky, there are two distinct types of corporations: C-corporations and S-corporations. These entities provide limited liability protection to their owners, effectively separating them from the corporation itself.

    To establish a corporation in Kentucky, one must complete the paperwork known as “Articles of Incorporation” and submit it to the state’s Secretary of State office. Certain formalities must be followed, including creating bylaws, issuing stock shares, and holding regular board and shareholder meetings.

    When deciding on a business structure in Kentucky, several factors should be considered. These include liability protection for owners, tax implications for the corporation and its shareholders, as well as management requirements. 

    Seeking guidance from legal or business professionals is highly recommended when making this important decision.

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    Step 2: Select a Unique Business Name in Kentucky

    When it comes to naming your business in Kentucky, it’s crucial to consider the unique requirements and situation of your entity. In this article, we will explore three different strategies for choosing a name that will empower you to make an educated choice.

    Legal Entity Name

    To register your business in Kentucky officially requires that you register a formal name for your legal entity. It’s important that this name is distinct and doesn’t overlap with any existing businesses in order to avoid potential confusion. 

    The entity name should accurately represent the type of business you’re registering. For example, if you’re forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC), your entity name should incorporate the appropriate suffix such as “LLC”.

    To check if your desired name is available, use the business name database provided by the Kentucky Secretary of State. Ensuring that your legal entity name stands out and is unique plays a crucial role in facilitating a smooth registration process and promoting brand recognition.


    Securing a trademark offers nationwide protection for your business name or logo. This legal right grants you exclusive use of the name or logo within the United States. Before filing for a trademark, conduct a thorough search in the USPTO database to ensure no existing registrations.

    A registered trademark prevents others from using a similar name or logo for similar products or services, ensuring the integrity of your brand on a larger scale. However, it’s important to note that obtaining a trademark doesn’t automatically grant universal rights to the name or logo; you still need to comply with state-specific naming regulations.

    Doing Business As (DBA)

    In Kentucky, businesses can register an official legal name and operate under a different name known as a Doing Business As (DBA) name. 

    To establish a DBA name, you’re required to file a registration with the county clerk’s office in the area where your business is located. While DBAs don’t need to be unique at the state level, they must still comply with federal trademark laws.

    Using a DBA can be beneficial if you want to operate under a more distinctive or market-friendly name while keeping your legal entity name for official use.

    When registering a business name in Kentucky, carefully consider your options and follow specific naming strategies. Whether you choose a legal entity name, trademark, or DBA, each option offers its own advantages and legal implications.

    To ensure that your brand identity is properly protected and complies with Kentucky’s regulations, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and select the most suitable naming strategy for your business.

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    Step 3: Check Business Name Availability in Kentucky

    In order to ensure that your desired business name is available, perform a thorough search before registering. To effectively conduct this search, follow the following three steps:

    Trademark Search

    Start by performing a search for federal trademarks to verify that your desired business name hasn’t already been trademarked. Federal trademarks hold more weight than state-level registrations. 

    Head over to the website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and use their TESS Search tool for this specific task. If you discover that your preferred name has already been trademarked, you’ll have to select an alternative one.

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    Kentucky Business Name Search

    After verifying that your name isn’t protected by a trademark, proceed to check if it’s available for use in the state of Kentucky. To do this, make use of the Kentucky FastTrack Business Organization Search tool, which allows you to search for registered business names in Kentucky. It’s important not only to check for the exact name but also to ensure that no other businesses with similar names are already operating.

    Website Domain Search

    Once you have confirmed that your business name is available and not trademarked in the state of Kentucky, conduct a search to determine if the .com version of your business name is also available as a domain name. 

    While having a website may not be necessary for all businesses, it’s highly recommended to secure the .com domain for your business name.

    By registering the .com domain through ZenBusiness, you can protect your brand from others who may use the same website name. This investment in safeguarding your business identity comes at an affordable price.

    Completing these three searches will allow you to verify the availability of your business name and proceed confidently with the registration process in Kentucky.

    Step 4: Form Your Business With the State of Kentucky

    Once you have completed determining your business structure and selecting a name, the subsequent step involves formally enrolling your business with the State of Kentucky.

    • Registering a Kentucky LLC:

    To form your Kentucky Limited Liability Company (LLC), you will need to file the “Articles of Organization” with the Kentucky Secretary of State. This can be accomplished via online submission or by sending it through mail.

    • Registering a Kentucky Corporation:

    To establish a corporation in Kentucky, submit the “Articles of Incorporation” to the Secretary of State in Kentucky.

    You May Also Want to Know

    Protect Your Business Name With a Trademark

    After verifying the accessibility of your preferred business name and acquiring it, you can choose to pursue a trademark. 

    Although this procedure may incur expenses ranging from $225 to $400, besides attorney charges and a renewal fee every decade, it grants protection across the entire country under federal law. 

    This legal safeguard guarantees that if others try to operate under a comparable name, you possess the authority to protect your brand. Small businesses concentrated mainly on local operations might deem trademarking as unnecessary.

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    How to File a Kentucky Fictitious Name – DBA?

    To complete registering a Kentucky Fictitious Name, which is commonly referred to as a “Doing Business As” (DBA) name, follow these instructions:

    1. Name Selection: Choose a business name that’s unique and available for your intended operations.
    1. Name Verification: Confirm that your chosen name isn’t currently in use by consulting the business name database of the Kentucky Secretary of State.
    1. Access the Form: Download the “Registration of a Fictitious Business Name” form from the official website of the Kentucky Secretary of State.
    1. Complete the Form: Provide all necessary information on the form, including your selected fictitious name, business address, and relevant particulars.
    1. Notarize the Form: Ensure the form is notarized to validate its authenticity.
    1. Submission of the Form: Submit the fully completed and notarized form, along with the required filing fee, to the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office. This can be done through mail or in person.
    1. Optional Notice Publication: Some Kentucky counties may necessitate the publication of a notice regarding your fictitious name filing in a local newspaper. Please consult your county clerk’s office for specific requirements.
    1. Renewal: Fictitious name registrations typically have a set validity period, often lasting five years. It’s essential to renew your registration prior to its expiration to maintain the usage of the fictitious name.

    By following these steps, you can successfully file for a Kentucky Fictitious Name (DBA) and legally conduct business under that name.

    How to Change the Name of a Kentucky Business?

    If you desire to alter the name of your business in Kentucky, there exist two approaches:

    1. Assumed Name (DBA):

    For individuals who own their own business and partnerships that want to operate using a different name while keeping their legal name unchanged, the easiest method is to apply for an assumed name, commonly known as a “Doing Business As” (DBA) name.

    1. Amendment to Legal Name:

    If LLCs and corporations are planning to alter their legal business name, it’s advisable to submit an amendment for the current name. This approach guarantees adherence to regulations and minimizes complications in day-to-day business activities. 

    You can find the appropriate forms for both options below:

    • Articles of Amendment for LLCs
    • Articles of Amendment for Corporations

    To register your business in Kentucky, you must complete either of the two forms and send them by mail, along with a $40 filing fee. This process ensures that your business is properly structured and named, providing trademark protection for enhanced security and brand awareness.

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    Business Name Registration Laws in Kentucky

    In Kentucky, there are certain general principles that pertain to the registration of business names.

    • Verification of Business Name Availability: Prior to commencing the registration of a business name in Kentucky, it’s of utmost importance to conduct a thorough search to ascertain that the desired name is available and not already in use by another entity operating within Kentucky.
    • Fictitious Business Name (Doing Business As – DBA): In cases where a business functions under a name different from the legal name of the owner or entity, it’s typically a requirement to register a “Doing Business As” (DBA) or fictitious business name with the county clerk’s office in the county where the business is situated.
    • Considerations Based on Legal Structure: Depending on the legal structure adopted for the business, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation, specific naming criteria may apply. For instance, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) must include “LLC” or “Limited Liability Company” in its name.
    • Name Restrictions: States often impose restrictions on certain words or phrases in business names to prevent potential public misinterpretation or infringement of existing trademarks.
    • Trademark Considerations: It’s crucial to understand that registering a business name with the state doesn’t confer trademark protection. To secure exclusive rights to a business name, you may need to pursue federal or state trademark registration.
    • Registration Procedure and Costs: The method and associated costs for business name registration can vary based on the business type and the county in Kentucky. For precise information, reach out to the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office or the county clerk’s office.

    Given that business name registration laws in Kentucky can evolve, it’s imperative to stay current with any alterations. 

    It’s advisable to refer to official sources or seek legal counsel when dealing with business name registration to ensure adherence to prevailing laws and regulations.

    Bottom Line on How to Register a Business Name in Kentucky

    Establishing a reputable and recognizable business identity is crucial for entrepreneurs, making the registration of a business name in Kentucky an essential first step. 

    To safeguard the business and ensure adherence to regulations, conduct a thorough search for available names, fulfill all necessary documentation requirements, choose an appropriate business structure, and maintain precise records. 

    Kentucky-based entrepreneurs can rely on ZenBusiness as their trusted partner for expert guidance and comprehensive support in forming and complying with all aspects of their businesses.

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