How to Register a Business Name in Alabama: 2024 Guide

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    Introducing the ultimate guide to registering a business name in Alabama! Whether you’re launching a fresh endeavor or seeking to legitimize an existing one, it’s essential to go through the process of registering your business name to establish your presence within the state. In Alabama, you have various options, such as creating an LLC or corporation or submitting a request for a “doing business as” name with the state’s business division.

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    4 Steps to Register Your Business Name in Alabama

    How to register a business name in Alabama? To establish your entrepreneurial presence in Alabama, register your business name. To guide you through this procedure, we have outlined four straightforward steps for officially registering your business name in Alabama.

    Step 1: Choose Your Business Structure in Alabama

    When embarking on a business venture in Alabama, one of the most crucial choices is selecting the appropriate business framework. Your decision will have far-reaching effects on your liability, taxation, and whether you need to register your business with the Alabama Secretary of State. 

    In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various business structures available in Alabama and outline the steps for registering your business name accordingly.

    Sole Proprietorship

    In Alabama, a sole proprietorship is the most basic form of business organization. The owner and the business are treated as a single entity, so the owner bears personal liability for any debts or obligations of the business. While there’s no requirement to register a sole proprietorship with the state, it may be necessary to obtain permits or licenses at the local level.

    General Partnership

    When two or more individuals come together to share business ownership, it forms a general partnership. In this type of partnership, each partner holds personal responsibility for the debts and legal obligations of the business. While there’s no requirement to register a general partnership with the state, opting for a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) structure may necessitate filing a “Certificate of Formation.”

    Limited Partnership (LP)

    In Alabama, forming a limited partnership (LP) requires the submission of a “Certificate of Limited Partnership” to the Secretary of State. This type of business structure consists of general partners who oversee operations and bear unlimited liability, as well as limited partners who contribute capital but have limited liability.

    Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    When shielding yourself from liability and having the freedom to customize your business, forming an LLC is a widely favored option. In Alabama, the business registration Alabama involves submitting a document known as “Certificate of Formation Limited Liability Company” to the Alabama Secretary of State.


    A corporation is an autonomous legal entity distinct from its proprietors, providing limited liability protection. To establish a corporation in Alabama, submit a “Certificate of Formation” to the Secretary of State.

    When determining your business structure in Alabama, consider factors such as safeguarding against liability, taxation, and management prerequisites. Seeking guidance from a legal or business expert can assist you in making an educated choice.

    After selecting the business structure, you can register your business name in Alabama. Whether opting for a trade name (DBA) or needing to file incorporation documents, adhering to the relevant procedures will set you on the path toward accomplishing a prosperous and legally compliant entrepreneurial endeavor within the state of Alabama.

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    Step 2: Select a Unique Business Name in Alabama

    When it comes to choosing a name for your business in Alabama, it’s not just a matter of formality. The name you select plays a significant role in establishing your brand identity and drawing in customers. 

    In the state of Alabama, you have several options to consider: registering a legal entity name, obtaining a trademark, or operating under a “Doing Business As” (DBA) name. Each option has its own set of rules and regulations that are specific to Alabama. It’s crucial to understand these requirements before making your decision.

    Legal Entity Name

    To register your business in Alabama, select a unique and distinct legal entity name. This name will serve as the identification for your company within the state and should be one-of-a-kind to prevent any clashes with other businesses. 

    Alabama has specific regulations regarding company suffixes like LLC, LP, or Corp, and the chosen name must align with the type of business being registered. Before making a final decision, it’s imperative to verify the availability of the desired name through Alabama’s Secretary of State resources.


    Gaining legal ownership of your business name or logo through trademark registration offers nationwide protection for your intellectual assets. Perform a detailed search in the USPTO database to verify that another party doesn’t already registered your selected name or logo. Once your trademark is successfully registered, it grants you exclusive rights to use the name or logo for similar products or services, thereby safeguarding the uniqueness of your brand identity.

    Doing Business As (DBA)

    In Alabama, there’s the flexibility to use an official business name while operating under a different one with the help of a DBA. This choice enables you to establish a distinct brand identity for your clientele. 

    To create a DBA name, you must file an Assumed Name Certificate at the county probate judge’s office where your business is situated. Unlike legal entity names, DBAs are not required to be exclusive on a state-level basis but are subject to federal trademark laws.

    By thoughtfully considering these naming alternatives and adhering to Alabama’s naming regulations, you can effectively register your business name and safeguard your brand in the lively and competitive market of Alabama. Choosing an exceptional business name in Alabama will pave the way for triumph in your endeavors and leave an enduring impact on your customers.

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    Step 3: Check Business Name Availability in Alabama 

    How to register a business name in Alabama? To register your business in Alabama, verify the availability of your desired business name. To ensure a comprehensive search for business name availability, perform three different types of searches.

    Trademark Search

    To verify if a business name in Alabama is available, the initial step involves conducting a search for federal trademarks. Federal trademarks hold higher authority compared to state-level registrations. Therefore, check if your desired business name has already been trademarked. If it has, you’ll need to devise an alternative name for your business.

    To conduct a federal trademark search, you can visit the website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and make use of their TESS Search tool.

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    Alabama Business Name Search

    After confirming that your business name is not trademarked, the next step is to determine if it can be used in Alabama. To conduct a search for registered business names in Alabama, you can use the Alabama Business Entity tool.

    During your search, make sure that your precise business name is available, and also check for any other businesses that may have similar names.

    Website Domain Search

    Once you have ensured that your business name isn’t trademarked and available for use in Alabama, it’s a good idea to conduct a search for the availability of the .com version of your business name. Even if you do not plan on building a website, it’s still recommended to register the .com domain for your business.

    You can secure your .com domain through ZenBusiness, a trustworthy LLC formation service that offers domain registration along with other essential business registration services. This will help protect your brand online and prevent others from misusing your business identity.

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    Step 4: Form Your Business With the State of Alabama 

    How to register a business name in Alabama? After finalizing your business structure and selecting a name, the subsequent task is to register your business with the state of Alabama officially.

    To establish a business in Alabama, you must present the Articles of Organization to the Alabama Secretary of State. You can submit your application either online or via mail. If you’re establishing a corporation in Alabama, you’ll need to file the Articles of Incorporation with the Alabama Secretary of State.

    You May Also Want to Know

    Protecting Your Business Name With a Trademark

    Once you have confirmed that your business name is available and secured, you can consider applying for a trademark to increase protection. This business registration Alabama may incur costs ranging from $225 to $400, as well as attorney fees and a renewal fee every ten years. However, obtaining a trademark gives your company nationwide brand protection under federal law.

    This means that if others attempt to use a similar name for their business, you will have legal precedence. While this level of protection can be advantageous for businesses aiming for national expansion, it may not be necessary for most small businesses operating locally.

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    How to File an Alabama Fictitious Name – DBA?

    To register a made-up name (known as Doing Business As or DBA) in Alabama, adhere to these instructions with a high level of professionalism:

    • Conduct a Name Search: Before submitting your documents, it’s crucial to confirm that the preferred made-up name is not already being used by another company in Alabama. You can verify its availability by using either the Alabama Business Entity tool or checking the fictitious name database of your county.
    • Obtain the Assumed Name Certificate: You can acquire the Assumed Name Certificate form at the office of the probate judge in the county where your business is located. Alternatively, you might download the form from the official website of that county.
    • Complete the Form: Thoroughly complete the Assumed Name Certificate by providing your business details, the preferred fictitious name, and any additional necessary information.
    • Notarize the Form: To confirm its legitimacy, the Assumed Name Certificate should be signed before a notary public.
    • File the Certificate: To complete the business registration Alabama, you must submit the Assumed Name Certificate duly completed and notarized, along with any required filing fee, to the office of the probate judge in the county where your business is situated.
    • Publication Requirement (if applicable): In certain jurisdictions, it may be necessary to announce the made-up name in a nearby publication for a designated duration. Verify with the office of the probate judge to ascertain whether this requirement is applicable to your enterprise.
    • Renewal: Make sure you stay aware of the expiry date for your DBA registration because certain counties might need it to be renewed regularly.

    By adhering to these expert procedures, you can effectively register a fictional name (also known as DBA) in Alabama and conduct your business using the chosen name while ensuring compliance with all legal obligations.

    How to Change the Name of an Alabama Business?

    If you desire to alter the name of your enterprise in Alabama, there are two choices available to you.

    1. Filing for a Trade Name (DBA Name)
    2. Submitting an Amendment to the Legal Name of Your Existing Business

    Registering a trade name (also known as a DBA name) is the most straightforward way to run your business under a different name without altering its legal identity. This approach is applicable to sole proprietorships, general partnerships, as well as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and corporations. It allows you to operate using brand names that do not require the inclusion of specific suffixes such as LLC or Inc., in the official name.

    If you wish to change the legal identity of your LLC or corporation, filing an amendment for the existing legal name is the course of action. The necessary forms for options can be obtained, along with a $50 filing fee payment, which can be submitted via mail.

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    Business Name Registration Laws in Alabama 

    The regulations pertaining to registering a business name for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in Alabama are outlined below.

    • Fictitious Name (Doing Business As – DBA): Businesses in Alabama are required to register their fictitious names with the probate judge’s office in the county where they operate if they choose to operate under a name that’s different from their legal name. This registration process Alabama involves obtaining an Assumed Name Certificate.
    • Legal Entity Names: When establishing a business in Alabama, it’s necessary to incorporate specific legal entity designations into the business name, depending on the chosen structure. For instance, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) typically include “Limited Liability Company” or “LLC” in their names, whereas corporations are required to have “Corporation” or “Inc.” in their name.
    • Name Availability: To avoid infringing on another business’s trademark or name, verify the availability of a business name in Alabama before using and registering it. The name availability search can be conducted through the Alabama Business Entity Search or county fictitious name databases.
    • Renewal and Compliance: Companies using made-up names must update their registrations regularly and may have to renew them periodically. It’s essential to adhere to any publication requirements applicable in the specific county.
    • Trademark Protection: While not mandatory, companies can pursue federal trademark protection through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This allows them to establish exclusive ownership of their business name nationwide and provides legal remedies in case of any infringements.
    • Legal Assistance: Although not required, it’s advisable to consult with a business lawyer when registering a business name in Alabama. This can ensure that the business complies with the state’s registration laws and safeguards it against possible legal complications.

    Adhering to the business name registration laws in Alabama guarantees that businesses can function using their preferred names while abiding by the state’s regulations and safeguarding their brand identity.

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    Bottom Line on How to Register a Business Name in Alabama 

    Establishing a legal and easily identifiable presence is crucial for entrepreneurs in Alabama, which is why registering a business name is essential. To ensure compliance and protection, business owners should conduct an extensive name search, complete the required paperwork, choose the business structure, and maintain accurate records. 

    For reliable guidance and help with business formation and compliance in Alabama, entrepreneurs can rely on ZenBusiness. This reputable LLC service provides comprehensive resources to support them every step of the way.

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