Types of Personal Concerns About Coronavirus

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    Personal Concerns About Coronavirus: Different Types

    (This page is referenced from Start a Virtual Support Group to Help With Stresses of COVID-19.)

    “I’m scared about what might happen to my family, my friends — and even to me. How do I deal with the fear?”

    “I want to be more calm. How can I do that?”

    “How can I deal with the stress of this situation?”

    “I feel so angry. I keep blaming everyone who I think should have done something about this. I’m tired of being angry.”

    “I keep asking myself, “Will I get my job back?” How do I stop asking myself that all the time?”

    “I keep asking myself, “How will I pay my bills?” How do I stop asking myself that all the time?”

    “This isolation is really getting to me. I feel stuck.”

    “I’m grabby with my kids when we’re stuck at home. I don’t want to be like that.”

    “How am I supposed to be taking care of my kids at home all day, and still be their educator?”

    “I miss my friends. I want to be with them. How can I deal with this?”

    “I’m scared about going out of the house. How can I get past this?”

    “How can I help other people somehow — and how can I bring myself to even do that?”

    “I’m tired of constantly hearing about the virus. How can I make myself do anything else?”

    “I’m in an online discussion group (of course). It feels awkward. What can I do?”

    “I’m staying at home with another person. We’re getting on our nerves. How can I improve this situation?”

    “I’m working from home. I feel disconnected. Does my boss even know what I’m doing?”

    “I need ideas about what to do with my time. I’d like to hear you brainstorm some ideas for me.”

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