How Members Can Support Each Other Between Meetings

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    (This page is referenced from Start a Virtual Support Group to Help With Stresses of COVID-19.)

    There are several ways that members can deepen and enrich their experiences between meetings, including:

    1. To reflect on what they heard in their meetings and on the results of the actions that they selected when they were getting help in the previous meeting. They can document their reflections and learn in their private Session Management Forms.
    2. To ask for any help, for example, suggestions and materials.
    3. To contact other members who might be struggling.
    4. To make suggestions about resources for members, for example, guidelines for dealing with stress, meditating, practicing mindfulness, and keeping a positive attitude.
    5. To share inspirational quotes.
    6. To remind each other of the dates and times of the next meeting.

    “We have had great success, incredible bonding and have created a wonderful
    means for support and motivation.”
    – Annie Bullert, Consultant, Minneapolis, Minnesota