MAP for Nonprofits’ Team Values

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    MAP for Nonprofits’ Team Values

    (Also see Ethics:
    Practical Toolkit for Business

    This document serves as an example
    of a code of ethics. As well as having corporate codes, codes
    can be geared for specific purposes and be focused on various
    relationships. The following code is geared to support the working
    relationships among staff at MAP
    for Nonprofits.

    These team values guide how we MAP
    staff members interact with each other in our workplace. The integrity
    of these values rests on how consistently we apply them. We regularly
    review and update these values to reflect current priorities in
    our workplace.

    – Actively work for the common good –


    · Model MAP’s corporate vision, mission and values, as
    well as these team values

    · Participate — say what you believe
    · Work to know who will do what and by when
    · Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it
    · Take initiative!

    · Actively listen and acknowledge my viewpoint
    · Recognize the value of my job — ask for my help and
    realize that I have other priorities
    · Be sensitive to my values, my culture — reap the richness
    of diversity
    · Be friendly and thoughtful to all

    · Recognize others’ contributions and successes
    · Cooperate with fellow staff members and support their efforts
    · Support MAP decisions and strategic objectives
    · Don’t take ourselves too seriously — have fun!

    ·Encourage thinking “outside the box”
    ·Encourage discussion around points of disagreement or uncertainty
    ·Challenge the status quo
    ·Envision possibilities
    ·Allow yourself to experiment, fail and try again

    – Respectfully hold people responsible for these Team Values –


    This document can be copied; please cite MAP for Nonprofits in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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