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    One of the most important aspects of Board operations is Board
    staffing. Just like the careful staffing and communication that is usually done
    with employees, Board members should be carefully selected, trained, and evaluated, as well. In for-profits, Board members and leaders
    must appreciate the strong value that Boards can bring, rather
    than tolerating Boards as if they are some necessary evil to be
    avoided at all costs. In nonprofits, Board members and leaders
    should not approach recruitment and selection as if they are somehow
    lucky just to get Board members who will show up at Board meetings.
    Board members and leaders in those organizations must act as if
    they deserve a very dedicated and participative Board — that
    attitude alone can make a huge difference in achieving highly
    effective Boards.

    There are different perspectives on staffing. Some people believe
    that Boards should be staffed primarily with the expertise needed
    to establish and achieve current strategic goals (this is functional
    staffing). Others believe that staffing should also achieve a
    wide diversity of values and perspectives among members of the
    Board (diversification staffing). In nonprofits, members are also
    sought who have a strong passion for the mission (passion-driven
    staffing). We’re learning, though, that passion alone is not enough
    — Board members also must have the time and energy to actively
    participate in the Board. Yet another perspective is to get members
    who represent the major constituents of the organization (representative

    Ironically, many people perceive for-profit Boards as being
    more established and effective. Yet nonprofit Boards very often
    have highly involved members who take a very strong role in establishing
    strategic plans and in ensuring that those plans are achieved.
    Board members of for-profit and nonprofit organizations have much
    to learn from each other.

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    Board Size
    Term Limits
    Composition of Board Members (Guidelines, CEO on Board, Independent
    Members, etc.)

    Joining a Board (potential new member’s perspective)
    Recruiting Board Members
    Informing, Communicating With Board Members
    Rewarding / Recognizing Board Members
    Removing Board Members

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    Board Size

    The Determinants of Corporate Board Size and Composition:
    An Empirical Analysis (for-profit)

    Board size and corporate performance: evidence
    from European countries

    What is the Best Size for Your Board?
    How Big Should a Board Be and How Often Should
    They Meet?

    Many Members Should We Have?

    Term Limits

    Coming to Terms With Term Limits

    The Drawbacks of Board Term Limits
    Term Limits for Non-Profit Board Members

    Composition of Board Members (Guidelines, CEO on Board, Independent
    Members, etc.)

    General Guidelines for Determining Composition

    Approaches/Philosophies to Staffing Nonprofit

    Board Skills: Building the right board
    Board Recruitment Grid (nonprofit)

    Actions to Weed Out Resume Builders on Your NGO Board

    A Board Mystery: The Case of the Emeritus Director
    Sample Board Composition Policy
    Dangerously Few Women in the Boardroom
    Donor on The Board

    Board Gender Balance – a personal perspective
    Some thoughts on board composition
    Women on Boards and its Rationale

    Should the CEO Be On the Board?

    Founder Permanent Board Member at Your Peril

    Should CEOs be on the Board?
    Divide and Conquer? Splitting the Roles of Chair
    and CEO

    3 reasons to separate CEO and chairman positions

    What About Independent Board Members?

    Definition of Independent Board Members
    Dark Side of Independent Board Members

    Director Independence So Important?

    How You Find New Directors: “True Independence”
    Under the Microscope

    Boldly into the Breach – the Lead Independent Director

    What About Diversity on the Board? Honorary Members?

    Board Members – The Truth and The Consequences

    Different Is Better: Why Diversity Matters in the Boardroom
    in the Boardroom

    Will the EU insist on 40% board gender diversity?

    What About “Big Names” and “Deep Pockets”
    on Nonprofit Boards?

    You Try Get “Big Names” and “Big Pockets”
    on Boards?

    Joining a Board (potential new member’s perspective)

    the Transition from Manager to Director

    Not Just a Resume Booster: Tips for evaluating
    a nonprofit before joining the board of directors

    Finding the Right Next Board to Join
    Using a Board Seat as a Stepping Stone
    Do Good, Sure, But Do It Right — Nonprofit Board Service: a ‘Head’s Up’ Checklist
    Thinking About Joining a Board?
    How to handle the do-it-all founder?
    Back to Basics for Training the Board

    Recruiting Board Members

    Recruiting for Board Members
    Prospective Board Members Who
    Are Not Ready!

    Pitfalls in Recruiting Board Members

    for Recruiting New Members

    Board Recruitment Grid

    Board Application Form

    for Orienting New Members

    Recruiting Board Members, Volunteers
    and Participation

    Board Diversity: Bigger Issue Than You Think
    10 Stop Signs on the Road to Board Recruitment
    Recruiting Your Organization’s First Board
    Recruiting for Board Members: Process? What Process?
    Recruitment: Whose job is it anyway?

    Board of Directors Guidelines

    Strategies to Create Active Members on Your NGO Board

    Study on Women Donors Presents Lessons for Board

    Board Recruitment Demonstration Project
    Ways To Ensure A Non-Profit Board Candidate A Good Choice

    Creating a Board Application
    Hosting a Board Recruitment Event
    Board Recruitment: Getting the People You Want
    NGO Board Member & Professional Volunteer Recruitment

    Informing, Communicating With Board Members

    Wikipedia on Board Manuals
    Board Manual Index


    The Board

    Addressing Board Knowledge Gaps
    Practical Tips for Presenting to the Board

    Rewarding / Recognizing Board Members

    The following link is useful for nonprofit Boards. For-profit
    Board members often are compensated monetarily (see the next section).

    Volunteers (includes several other links)

    Ways To Motivate Your Board Members

    Removing Board Members

    How Boards Deal with Lazy Directors
    How Do I Remove a Board Member
    How do we remove a Board member

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