Strategic Staffing: Maximizing Board Performance

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    Strategic Staffing for Optimal Board Performance

    Strategic staffing for optimal board performance refers to the process of carefully selecting and appointing individuals to serve on a company’s board of directors. This involves identifying the skills, knowledge, and experience required to effectively guide the organization and achieve its goals. By strategically staffing their board, companies can ensure they have a diverse range of perspectives and expertise to inform decision-making and improve overall performance.

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    Composition of Members
    Board Size
    Term Limits
    Board Succession Planning
    Recruiting Members
    Joining Boards
    Director Compensation
    Improving and Removing Members

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    Composition of Members


    A VC: Who You Want On Your Board
    Starting a Nonprofit: 10 Considerations in Electing the Initial Board
    People Want to Follow Calm, Assertive Leaders | Psychology Today

    Independence of Members

    The good servant
    Do Independence and Financial Expertise of the Board Matter for Risk Taking and Performance?
    The Dark Side of Outside Directors
    The Benefits Of The Perfect Independent Board Member
    Independent director – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Bijan Sabet • How to pick an independent board member
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    How You Find New Directors: “True Independence” Under the Microscope – Blog
    Jim Collins – Articles – Companies Need Not Hire Oustide CEOs

    Board Diversity

    Diversity in the Boardroom « Corporate Governance
    Will the EU insist on 40% board gender diversity? | Boards of Directors
    Board Diversity: A Bigger Issue Than You Think
    Diversity on Corporate Boards: How Much Difference Does Difference Make?
    Analyzing Aspects of Board Composition
    Diversity in the Boardroom is Important and, Unfortunately, Still Rare
    Proposed Diversity Principles | CompassPoint
    Young Voices in the Boardroom | CompassPoint
    Diversity for Organizations Based in Minority Communities | CompassPoint
    The Diversity Issue | CompassPoint
    The Diversity Issue: Part 2 | CompassPoint

    Women on the Board

    Women on Boards: Review & Outlook
    Does Gender Matter in the Boardroom?
    Advancing female representation in the Boardroom: An Interview with Ilene H. Lang
    Glacial progress of women on Canada’s boards prompts calls for reform – The Globe and Mail
    Board Gender Balance – a personal perspective | Boards of Directors
    Some thoughts on board composition | Boards of Directors
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    Boardroom Diversity Is Good Corporate Governance – Bank Think Article – American Banker
    Women in the Boardroom: A Global Perspective

    Board Size

    Nonprofit Boards: Size, Performance, and Managerial Incentives
    What is the Best Size for Your Board?
    Size Matters: Right Sizing Your Board of Directors
    Boards: Does One Size Fit All?
    Size and Composition of Corporate Boards of Directors: The Organization and Its Environment
    The Determinants of Corporate Board Size and Composition: An Empirical Analysis
    Board size and corporate performance: evidence from European countries (download file)
    How Many Members Should Be On a Board? Really?

    Term Limits

    Term Limits for Nonprofit Boards – Nonprofit Resource Center
    The Drawbacks of Board Term Limits
    Should Outside Directors Have Term Limits? The Role of Experience in Corporate Governance
    Coming to Terms With Term Limits
    Board Spills | Boards of Directors
    Term Limits for Non-Profit Board Members | Boards of Directors
    Key Metrics Series: Entrenched Board – GMI Ratings

    Board Succession Planning

    Shoemaker’s child? Succession planning for the board
    Board Leadership Succession
    Succession Planning for the Board
    Board member succession issues
    Preparing for Board Director Retirement: A Customized Approach to Succession Planning
    Succession Planning for Nonprofits of All Sizes | CompassPoint
    Conscious Governance | Board Succession Planning and Skills Analysis | Nonprofit Strategic Planning
    The Right Way to Fill Your Board Leadership Pipeline
    Succession Planning Checklist Board Members

    Recruiting Members

    A Guide to Successful Board Recruitment
    Board Recruitment: Whose job is it anyway?
    Board Recruitment: Getting the People You Want
    Your Board Recruitment Package
    Sample Board of Directors Recruitment Grid
    Guidelines for Recruiting New Board Members
    Article – Recruiting for Board Members: Process? What Process?
    Avoiding the Pitfalls in Recruiting Board Members from Secrets of Successful Boards
    10 “STOP” Signs on the Road to Board Recruitment
    Industry Expertise on Corporate Boards
    Globalizing the Boardroom
    Prospective Board Members Who Are Not Ready!
    Recruiting Your Organization’s First Board
    Recruiting the Digital Director

    Electing Directors

    Electing Directors
    Does the Director Election System Matter?


    Passion in the Boardroom | Boards of Directors
    Five Fast Ways to Recruit New Board Members | CompassPoint
    What it takes to be a good nonprofit director – Portland Business Journal
    Recruiting Board Members / Volunteers and Participation
    4 Actions to Weed Out Resume Builders on Your NGO Board | Nonprofit Capacity Building
    Recruiting and Retaining Good Board Members | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
    Nonprofit Board of Directors Guidelines
    Board Member and Volunteer Recruitment
    Hosting a Board Recruitment Event | Nonprofit Capacity Building
    CoreStrategies on Nonprofits: Study on Women Donors Presents Lessons for Board Recruitment
    Nonprofit Law Blog: Board Recruitment Demonstration Project
    5 Ways To Ensure A Non-Profit Board Candidate A Good Choice | Nonprofit Capacity Building
    Should You Try to Get “Big Names” and “Big Pockets” on Boards? (nonprofit)
    Major Donor on The Board | Fundraising for Nonprofits
    Different Overall Approaches to Staff a Nonprofit Board (nonprofit)

    Joining Boards

    Why they still do it: Understanding directors’ motivations for joining a board
    The Benefits of Board Service
    Getting on boards |
    Due Diligence Considerations for Nominees –
    20 Questions Directors of Not-for-profit Organizations Should Ask about Governance (to ask before joining)
    Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining Your Next Board | CompassPoint
    20 Questions Directors of Not-for-profit Organizations Should Ask about Fiduciary Duty
    Making the transition from manager to director | Boards of Directors
    Not Just a Resume Booster: Tips for Evaluating a nonprofit before joining the Board of directors
    Using a Board Seat as a Stepping Stone –
    Do Good, Sure, But Do It Right — Nonprofit Board Service: a ‘Head’s Up’ Checklist
    Learn About Joining a Board | Nonprofit Capacity Building
    Richard Leblanc: Thinking of Joining a Board? Ask These Questions First

    Director Compensation

    A New Elephant In The Room: Corporate Director Pay
    Director Ownership, Governance, and Performance
    The 2011 U.S. Director Compensation and Board Practices Report
    Director Pay
    Does Skin in the Game Matter?
    Compensation Force: Board of Director Compensation
    Directors – Director Compensation – Board Member Compensation
    Determining Board Member Compensation
    Executive and Director Compensation
    Corporate board pay soars as directors’ tasks grow – The New York Times
    Board of Director Compensation
    Board of Directors Compensation Driven By Market Conditions & Opportunity Costs
    The Future of Outside Director Compensation –
    Rewarding Volunteers (nonprofit Board members are volunteers)
    SEC Speech: Governance, the Board and Compensation: June 9, 2005 (Chester S. Spatt)
    Board Remuneration – Creative Solutions | Boards of Directors
    May a Board member of a charitable organization be paid?

    Improving and Removing Members

    How to Remove an ‘Unfit’ Director –
    Directors – Removing Directors – Remove Board Member
    Four Ways to Remove a Board Member | Blue Avocado
    When All Else Fails, How Do We Remove a Member of the Board?
    How do I Remove LLC Board Members? | LegalZoom: Legal Info
    Can a Board of Directors terminate without cause another Boa … – JustAnswer
    Removing a Difficult Board Member | CompassPoint
    The Right Way to Resign from the Board | CompassPoint

    How Boards Deal With Lazy Directors
    What To Do With Board Members Who Don’t Do Anything | CompassPoint
    52 Ways To Motivate Your Board Members « Carol Weisman’s Blog On Fundraising, Philanthropy and Governance
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