To Brand or Not to Brand…A Silly Question

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    It seems everyone know the benefits of Branding. For those who don't know it, by golly, we should train it.

    It’s almost a nonsensical thing to say these days. It seems everyone know the benefits of Branding. For those who don’t know it, by golly, we should train it.

    This article will sound a bit like another one I wrote some time ago having to do with not being eliminated from the job pool because you didn’t fit in: called To Eliminate, or Not, That is The Question. I noticed this article because it up jumped in hits. Let’s put some perspective on it. Of course, there are similarities to the article and the book I reviewed, but forget all that because it’s a matter of semantics. It’s only so important now because there are so many candidates for one job in this economy and more to come as servicemen. We have to do a better job selling our whole self–that’s our Brand.

    I just finished a review of a book very similar in content, but focusing on Branding and how important it is today. I doubt anyone would argue that with that fact today so my title is more of an attention-getter. I found this book a good choice to spell it out for and keep it simple. Those looking hard for jobs don’t have time to read more scholarly books. This book is fun to read. It even has cartoons and stories. The book’s not out now, but it will be soon.

    Write this Down, You’ll Need It Later by Joel Quass may be all you ever wanted to know about Branding: What it is—education isn’t enough to get what you want. How you discover your personal brand, how do you keep it, how do you use it. You’ll learn it here.

    I have been a big fan of Branding before we called it that, but I didn’t know what it was. Joel Quass tells us in no uncertain terms how it helps to get the most out of life and what we want. Why? Because our Brand is who we are—not just our resume—not just a list of responsibilities, but what we actually do and helps others see a more complete picture.

    Joel Quass puts it in perfect perspective. “You Need It Later” simply because you start now. I started later and it took 30 years of figuring myself out—my “Brand”–and the market out before I began to see the how the Brand was so important. I wish I had started earlier. Quass puts it in such a way with dynamic examples and prose that makes it user-ready, people-friendly. As a college professor, I intend to share it with my students; It’s valuable information this day and age.

    Who doesn’t want to get ahead, find out where they really belong? Write this Down, You’ll Need It Later is the answer. You find your Brand and the way to use it land jobs, succeed at interviews, even consider your dream jobs once you figured out your brand, and Joel Quass makes it easy with real life stories, examples, even cartoons. He tells you how maintain your brand and continue to use it beyond getting the job. To get that promotion, to apply for that job no one feels qualified, to tell the types of stories that win you over to fit into the company this is the book you need.

    I hope you learned something more, someone else to go to on the subject. He made it easy for me; I liked that. By the way he reviewed my book, but I can tell you this: he and I wrote our reviews without see the others. It only made sense. My five-star-rated eBook Cave Man Guide to Training and Development is available Free this month with a coupon YJ55S from Smashwords, and my novel, Harry’s Reality is also free with a coupon MK42F for a limited time. If you like thinking about what the future might be, this is the book for you. My website is also for you. Working on a new Cave Man book–this one I think “on communicating.” And a new novel taking place in Central America filled with adventure, superstition, humor, a love story, and lots of action. A mistaken identity and a jaguar bring an unusual twist to this book.

    Happy training.

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