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    After reading another blog by Carter McNamara titled Are You Doing OD? Training? Consulting? Coaching? All of These? I decided to look at the definitions I had laying around in my paperwork of HRD, T & D and OD and what I consider at least the objectives of all three types of processes, although personally I think the objectives are more training objectives. However I thought it might clear up some of the differences between the three.

    Human Resource Development (HRD)

    A process developing and/or unleashing human expertise through organization development and personnel training and development (T&D) for the purpose of improving performance at the organization, process, and individual levels.

    Training and Development (T&D)

    Training is the process of systematically developing knowledge and expertise in individuals for the purpose of improving performance. Development is the planned growth and expansion of the knowledge and expertise of people beyond the present job requirements. This is accomplished through systematic selection, training, assignment, and evaluation efforts.

    Organization Development (OD)

    The process of systematically implementing organizational change for the purpose of improving performance.


    • Assist an organization in improving job performance through training and non-training solutions.
    • Analyze employee job effectiveness to determine true organizational training and performance needs
    • Explore needs assessment and understand its importance in relation to the Human Performance Improvement process.

    In the end all three are similar in so many ways, a couple of the reasons I went into training were a) it was a great marriage between T & D and my behavioral psych degree and b) the T & D HPT profession is so diverse you have the ability to work in so many capacities. I thought that was great, I love diversity and the ability to be a lot of things rolled into one.

    Happy Training and comments questions concerns and guests are always welcome!


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