Do organizations value continuous learning?

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    Is the learning process is valued in our organization? What constitutes a learning environment?

    How do we know whether or not our efforts to learn are valued in our company? Some corporations such as Steel Case in Grand Rapids, Michigan make the value on learning obvious, they have a large learning department at their headquarters in GR and training is ongoing. Others might want people cross trained, they do this so that knowledge is spread throughout the organization (sometimes without even realizing it), other organizations just expect their workers to obtain knowledge on their own. Sometimes as in Nursing or teaching, you are expected to take continuing education coursework throughout your career. With these tactics we realize that learning for all is a continuous process and that we are valued as adult learners. If you continue your education and learning you might be able to move up in the organization, secure a better position or even move onto bigger and better career experiences.

    Learning environments are found in every corner of the globe and can be found in classroom settings, workplaces, or even on corporate retreats, anyplace that an employee finds comfortable and can take in knowledge constitutes a learning environment. We as trainers are able to make learning either a great experience or a not so great experience. We take into consideration a number of environmental factors, lighting, noise levels, seating arrangements, whiteboard capabilities, podiums, audio-visual availability and so on. Even if we are training on a factory floor we take into consideration the learning environment, and the people surrounding us in the process. CEO’s may want to pay attention to this also and look at how the adult learner can learn the best and in what is not a good environment. (Noisy, poorly lit, poorly ventilated buildings etc).

    With the proper learning environment and organizational value on education employees are motivated to learn and stretch out of their comfort zone, they might be motivated to continue learning and go to college, or explore new situations in an organization. Learning ought to be valued and if it is valued we will always be a step ahead or at least in the right direction. Learning only has advantages.

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