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    When evaluation occurs during training a few have the right idea but evaluation is such a critical area, we have to be sure what we are training is sinking in.

    When starting a training program make sure that there are plenty of pop quizzes to accompany the training program. These can be brief quizzes relevant to the training sections being taught. I would try and give the quiz collect them and then a break (10 minutes), during this time scan the answers, and then if something is glaringly off address this at the top of the end of the break. Also, try and do a nice question to the students every now and then. Leave plenty of time at the end of each session for a discussion period and a more in-depth question and answer-period.

    Generally putting people to work also helps retention rates of training, get students involved give a few case studies, and have them try and figure out the problem and the solution, then have a leader give their group’s synopsis. Make sure that anything you are giving is as always relevant to the organization and relevant to adult learners. At the end of the training program give a comprehensive type of “Smile” sheet, it should be able to cover each section in the program as well as how the instruction was and make sure there is a suggestion section at the end of each smile sheet.

    I am sure there are a ton more evaluation tools out there and I would love your suggestions. I will make sure they are taken into consideration.

    Remember keep training fun relevant and running like a smoothly oiled machine and a business! Happy Training!



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