Andragogy VS Pedagogy in Training

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    As training professionals we all are aware of the real differences between the two learning styles. But do we really apply our knowledge of the effectiveness of andragogy in our programs? Malcomb Knowles, a predominant authority in the adult learning world, stresses the use of Andragogical style in adult learning programs.

    This of course is important to trainers because we are predominately working with adults. It’s important in training to lead and direct a training, but let the group come up with their solutions and their own and keeping the training relevant to the problem we are trying to solve.

    How many times as trainers do we put up a Powerpoint slide show, pass out some material and then start a lecture — pedagogical learning to the hilt.

    Rather than this type of approach, lets get our folks into groups, present the current problem for that day and see what solutions or ideas they can come up with? This might be a little more time consuming but it’s so much more effective.

    The principle difference in Pedagogy V Andragogy is that in Pedagogical style the teacher or instructor assumes full responsibility for what is taught and how it’s learned, and the teacher/instructor evaluates learning. In the Andragogical style: the learner is self-directed, the learner is responsible for his/her own learning and self-evaluation is characteristic of this approach. In the Andragogy style, the learner is the beneficiary, making the learning process much more fun, exciting and challenging. This in turn helps the training stick — and isn’t this why we train in the first place?

    I am just pointing to the benefits of andragogy in adult learners. There are several more benefits and differences. For more information and an easy look at the differences between these two styles follow this link. – it’s a nice chart showing the differences.

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