The Importance Of Developing Talent Within An Organisation

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    Despite rising unemployment recruiters of senior managers are claiming it is still far from easy to attract talent. People in secure employment are far less willing to switch jobs than they were two years ago.

    This young man is obvioulsy a leader of the future
    It’s imperative to develop the talent within our organisations. This young man obviously has high aspirations but may be too young for the managment development training.

    It is therefore imperative to develop the talent within our organisations, a fact supported by a Deloitte survey that found 60% of business leaders intend to increase investment in management development in the months ahead. Another survey carried out by PwC reports that 85% of CEOs expect to overhaul the way their organisations manage people during change.

    81% of the same CEOs stated a need to invest in raising staff morale. One of the best ways to achieve this is to set aside a day for entire teams to take time out from working ‘in’ the business to spend a few hours working ‘on’ the business. Alongside all the economic upheaval, the past 24 months have brought with them significant changes in mobile telecommunications, social networking and employees’ aspirations, a failure to address these changes is a failure of leadership.


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