Don’t cancel Christmas – do some team building

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    The recession may be officially but do managers appreciate that Christmas needn’t be cancelled again this year?

    Boozy parties are probably not the best way to mark the end of a tough year but that doesn’t mean there’s not value in gathering everyone together.

    As we enter an era when return on investment is at the forefront of our minds the annual celebration needs to deliver more than just a few laughs and sore heads the next day.

    So, while everyone is together in celabratory mood here are a few suggestions that will turn a turkey dinner into a turning point: stand out awards for outstanding contributions during 2010; use energisers to get people mixing – it will improve internal communication in the New Year; recast the vision and energise the team for 2011; invite former colleagues back – not always appropriate but if you can, you should; accommodate non-drinkers with fabulous soft drinks; replace the usual dinner dance with an activity – see possible ideas below.

    Alternative Christmas activities: Treasure Hunt, Cook your own Christmas lunch, Quad Biking, Reflective Nature Walk, Cultural Christmas (visiting museums and galleries), Fondue lunch/dinner, Sensory Quiz, Interactive Cabaret, Karaoke, Wii Olympics, Scalextric Grand Prix, Take a trip to the seaside, Plant some trees, Help a charity, school or neighbour.

    Any other ideas? Let us know.


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