Employee Retention: How Do We Motivate Good but Jaded Old-Timers

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    “I have over 100 staff nurses and one-third have been here longer than 10 years! This is a stressful environment with long hours and lots of overtime. I need something other than salary increases to hold them here and that they won’t think is stupid or useless.”

    Retention of specialized talent in a price-competitive market is always a challenge. Some workers are just looking for more money and will simply follow the dollar. For others, money isn’t as important as:

    • Flexibility and Support
      Can you give your nurses any control over what hours they work? Minimize their hassles by going to bat for them? Modify the traditional shifts because of childcare or transportation issues?
    • Acknowledgement of Their Dedication
      Can you arrange for recognition from your hospital administrators, board, and doctors? Make the local community aware of their contributions through pictures in the newspaper, signs in the parking lot, luncheons at the chamber of commerce?
    • A Bright, Cheery Environment
      What about pleasant music, pizza or ice cream surprises, potluck lunches, occasional fun activities? Yes, these things work with hardened old-timers.

    Management Success Tip:

    Ask your valued people what they like about working with you, and then give them more of what they like. Ask what they don’t like, what gets in their way, and then reduce those factors. Remember, it’s more than money today. People want to enjoy their work and make a meaningful difference. Your environment provides excellent opportunities!

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