Manage Job Stress

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    Today’s workplace produces plenty of stress. Life’s little hassles mount up until you say to yourself, “If one more thing goes wrong today, I’ll explode.”

    Don’t reach for the aspirin bottle, try these stress management tips.

    1. Know the enemy.
    What, exactly, is stressing you out? Is it some part of your job? Your home life? Your boss? Without knowing the root of the problem, you are unlikely to resolve it. once you can acknowledge a stressor, you can start figuring out how to deal with it.
    2. Share the load.
    Delegate whenever possible. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are the only person who can do the job right. Your coworkers and boss might start to buy into that concept as well. Then you’ll be more stressed.
    3. Develop a tough skin.
    Try not to personalize any criticism you receive. Look at negative comments as constructive criticism that allows you to improve your work.
    4. Don’t get overwhelmed by your to do list.
    First take note of all the good work you’ve accomplished and give yourself credit for it. Then look at what needs to be done and set priorities.
    5. Finally, be a kid again…play.
    Put your job concerns aside for five minutes and concentrate on something of fun. Use your break time to work a crossword puzzle, play a quick game of Frisbee, listen to some good music, etc.. A few minutes spent playing brings renewed energy to the job.

    Management Success Tip:

    Stress is a fact of life, but it need not be a way of life. Every job has stress. It is an inevitable consequence of living and working with others. There are things you simply can’t control. Accept that and move on. Focus on the things you can control or at least influence.

    What are the things you do have control over? And what can you start doing right now to take control of your stress?

    Do you want to develop your Management Smarts?