New Hire Orientation: Get Them Off To a Great Start

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    What’s the first impression new hires have your company? Does it turn them on or turn them off?

    The good news is that a new hire orientation program offers an opportunity to build a positive, engaging impression of the new company. The bad news is that that is going to happen whether you plan it or not. So why not get new hires off to a great start?

    6 ways to get new hires to quickly feel part of the team.

    1. Welcome new hires.
    How come when an employee leaves, there’s a party, but when she arrives, there is nothing to mark the occasion? Perhaps, a hat or shirt, to make her feel part of the team. Or a big bowl of candy on her desk so that people can come by to say hello and grab some

    2. Give each new hire a buddy.
    Don’t make them feel like strangers. Ask someone, who will be working with the new hire, to show him around and teach him the ropes.

    3. Get new hires up to speed fast.
    Many encounter delays and frustrations in getting the tools and training they need to be productive. Make sure they have their passwords, telephone numbers, emails, computer, etc. from day one.

    4. Let the new hire feel special.
    Realize there is no substitute from a welcoming from the very top. If the CEO can’t spend a few minutes in person with new employees, they should at least send a welcome email or voice mail.

    5. Create a video about the company.
    Tell about the history, the products or services, the customers or clients, and the employees who make it happen. This personalizes the company and helps new hires quickly become part of the team.

    6. Go beyond the first day.
    Don’t cram the new employee orientation into only a few short hours. It should be spread out over their first 60-90 days. It is important for the new hires to be able to absorb the information and not feel overwhelmed.

    Management Success Tip:

    New hire orientation does not have to be dull or boring or a waste of time. Put on your thinking cap and come up with creative ways to get your new hires off to a great start and make them feel part of the company and part of the team.

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