Use Grand Vision and Strategic Vision in Strategic Planning

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    A vision, during strategic planning, is depiction of the organization and its customers at some point in the future. Like mission statements, there are many different perspectives about what should be in a vision statement.

    Vision statements can depict the overall result sought by the organization. They also can be used to inspire and motivate members of the organization. However, depending on the culture of the organization, vision statements can breed distrust and cynicism if they’re used only for that reason. Also, because they can be so very broad in nature, they often don’t provide focus and direction during planning. That’s why it’s useful to have a grand vision and a strategic vision in planning.

    What’s a Grand Vision?

    A grand vision is broad depiction of the organization and preferably its stakeholders as they will be far into the future, for example, “Our organization is seen world-wide as the most respected in our industry, and our customers agree our services are a benchmark in our industry.”

    What’s a Strategic Vision?

    A strategic vision is depiction of the organization and its customers as they will be shortly after implementing the strategic plan, for example, “Our organization commands 10% market share in our industry, as a result of market expansion and increase in sales across those markets.” The strategic vision can provide clear focus and direction for planners during planning and later on when implementing the plan.

    Use Both Grand Vision and Strategic Vision in Your Planning

    You might start by having planners articulate a grand vision that is truly inspirational and motivational to all members of the organization. Don’t stop there. Either at the beginning of planning or near the end when planners have discussed goals for the plan, articulate a strategic vision that provides clear focus and direction.

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