Is Balance Possible?

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    Now here’s a frank perspective: Balance doesn’t work. So don’t even try. Accept the fact that the only way to really make something happen is to go “full out” at it, with everything you have.

    Life Work graphicSuch is the claim by Chuck Blakeman in his recent article in Inc. magazine. He writes:

    “Momentum doesn’t come from balance, but from giving it your all up front. An airplane burns up to 50% of its fuel just getting to cruise altitude. Most businesses do too.” And:

    “Live out your highest priorities — everything else should play 2nd fiddle to those. And yes, you’ve got to choose. You can’t have it all — right now.”

    While I don’t entirely agree with him about this, his perspective is a valuable one. Many people writing business plans believe they can achieve all their lofty business growth goals, AND live a balanced life. For most people, however, for at least some of the time, that’s hopelessly unrealistic.

    So in that case, the business planning process is a good time to do some life planning as well: are you ready at this point in your life to take on the goals you have for your business?

    And if they’re aggressive goals, as they usually are, can you give it the time it needs? If so, great. But if not, you’ll need to either scale down those goals, or defer launching your business to another time.


    Good luck!