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    Search Engine Optimization & PR: Google Me This

    I am not a Geek. Let’s get that out there right away. I’m a former pop culture writer and editor and now a PR guy, a flack, a publicist (mostly, 8-5 anyway) with some good ideas and communication skills. And like most people I know, I try to keep abreast of the technologies and social media implications of the profession and try to leverage them to the client’s advantage. The occasional webinar or seminar helps.

    Over the years, however, I’ve relied on close colleagues and friends — and the occasional kindness of strangers — who are Geekish to lead me through the forest. Some days we are in the thick, others days we reach the clearing. Ten years ago, clients started asking about search engine rankings, what today is conventionally called SEO — Search Engine Optimization.

    “How do I come up better in searches?”

    “Good question. Let’s see who can help you with that.” And I’d call up the guys who knew how to help.

    Today, I offer the latest SEO insights from the giant that practically invented search, Google. It’s very contemporary, even providing a section on mobile sites. Of course, if you’re like me, some of it may be pure Geek to you. Understood. Share it with the teckie in your org, or your own Geek Friends. But scan it for insights to try and stay current —at least on the thinking — even if the moving parts piece of this leaves you cold and uncertain.

    Here’s the link to it: Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide:

    See you in the forest clearing. Bring marshmallows. We’ll do smores and talk PR and stuff.


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    Martin Keller runs Media Savant Communications Co., a Public Relations and Media Communications consulting company based in the Twin Cities. Keller has helped move client stories to media that includes The New York Times, Larry King, The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, plus many other magazines, newspapers, trade journals and other media outlets. Contact him at, or 612-729-8585