Using Project Teams On Organizational Change Projects

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    Benefits of Consulting and/or Project Teams

    Occasionally, a client will specify that they want a team of consultants on the project because the project requires substantial expertise and resources. While there can be many frustrations for consultants working in effective project teams, there are also major benefits.

    • The team can provide a wide variety of expertise and perspectives during the project, often resulting in a more accurate understanding and resolution of problems in the client’s organization.
    • If the team is designed well, members often provide useful ongoing support and feedback to each other, as well.
    • If a consultant suddenly is not able to work on the project, other consultants can step in to cover for the missing consultant.

    As a result, consultants enjoy a more successful project and develop a network of trusted peers.

    A Team on a Project Might Include:

    • An organizational change consultant to guide the development of the collaborative relationship and overall project plan.
    • If a Board of Directors is involved (and they should be on major projects), Board trainers ensure the Board of Directors is sufficiently developed to oversee the organizational change project.
    • A strategic planning facilitator to guide the development of an overall strategic planning framework in which the organizational change plan can be integrated.
    • Specialists in products or services guide the development of certain plans, including groups of customers to serve, and how to develop and sell the product on an ongoing basis.
    • Marketing consultants to provide expertise, for example, in market research, public relations, branding, and advertising and promotions planning.
    • Trainers to convey “expert” content at various times to various members of the client’s organization.

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