Take the “Coach Approach” to Motivate Your Team

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    “How can I motivate my team?” This question is quite common with my executive coaching clients. I will often ask – “Have you asked them what motivates them?” Usually the answer is “No”.

    Motivators are unique to each person and situation. Motivators can be external or internal or some of each.

    External Motivators: (sometimes these are out of your control)

    • compensation
    • benefits
    • work hours
    • office equipment
    • working conditions
    • flexibility in schedule

    Internal Motivators:

    • meaningful work
    • feeling a part of a team
    • opportunity for advancement
    • creating positive impact
    • understanding how their job fits in with the department/company vision
    • personal and professional growth
    • sense of accomplishment
    • knowing that their manager supports them
    • autonomy
    • getting performance feedback
    • new challenges
    • opportunity to be creative
    • recognition
    • having their ideas utilized
    • involvement in decisions

    Taking the “coach approach” is the key to determining what serves as a motivator. Discussing what motivates individuals’ shows that you care and leads to building trust and engagement.

    Here are some coaching tips for determining what motivates others:

    1. Ask questions

    • What is important to you?
    • What types of projects, experiences or training would you like to have?
    • What can I do to support you?
    • Where do you see your future career?
    • Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best everyday?
    • What parts of your job give you the most satisfaction? Least satisfaction?
    • What new skills would you like to learn?

    2. Be clear on what you can and cannot provide or change.

    3. Keep the communication ongoing.

    What do you do to motivate your team?


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