10 Question Quiz on How to Communicate Messages

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    One of my coaching clients received feedback that she needed to work on her tone and how she delivered messages. Since these skills are essential leadership skills, she needed new ways to speak more effectively to others. Her first step was to become aware of the specific behaviors that were preventing her from communicating successfully.

    Here is a “yes/no” quiz that she found helpful to create self awareness when communicating messages:

    1. Are you aware of your impact on others when you deliver messages?

    2. Are you aware of the tone of your voice and your nonverbals?

    3. Do you frequently interrupt to interject your opinions?

    4. Do you go “on and on” to get to your point across?

    5. Do you show impatience as you wait for the other person to finish speaking?

    6. Do you spend more time talking than listening?

    7. Do you restate your opinions/point of view often?

    8. Do you check in with others to ensure they understood you accurately?

    9. If someone disagrees with you, are you closed minded to their point of view or do you tell them they are wrong?

    10. Do you finish other people’s sentences?

    Stay tuned for my next Blog “10 Tips to Communicate Messages Effectively”

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