Coaching Tip – 5 Musts for “Managing Up”

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    In today’s workplace, “Managing Up” is essential if you want to avoid cutbacks or be considered for advancement. The term “Managing Up” refers to the process of intentionally working with your manager to obtain the best possible results for you, your manager and your organization. As I work with my coaching clients we strategize ways that they can “Manage Up” so their value is recognized within their organization.

    Here are 5 musts that will help you “Manage Up”:

    1. Design a working relationship with your manager. What is your communication strategy? Will it be face to face, email, phone? How often? What will the agenda be and who sets it? What happens if a meeting gets cancelled?

    2. Understand your manager’s management style. Is your manager “big picture” or do they want the details? How does your manager manage under pressure? Know your manager’s strengths and weaknesses – how can you compliment and support them?

    3. Know exactly what is expected of you and your performance. What will be measured and how it will be measured? Then focus your efforts to exceed expectations.

    4. No surprises. Be sure your manager is informed. Let them hear bad news or good news from you first. Give a “heads up” if there is a potential problem – even if it does not materialize.

    5. Ask for feedback. Know if you are on track. Proactively ask for feedback if you do not get it. A simple tool is to ask – “what should I do more of, less of and continue to do?”

    What other ways can you “Manage Up”?

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