Bringing Executive Coaching into Your Organization

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    Executive Coaching is on the rise as a way to positively impact business performance. The Denisoff Consulting Group (of which I am a member: The DCG Coaching Cadre Team) recently published a complimentary white paper.

    This white paper Business & Management Consulting – Denisoff Consulting Group covers important Executive Coaching topics such as: addressing the tangible benefits of utilizing executive coaches; 3 general areas where coaching is particularly effective (supporting strategic initiatives; leading deep cultural change efforts; and leadership development); as well as how to introduce coaching within your organization.

    According to the authors, “When an organization decides to bring coaching to their leadership team, it is critical that they do so in a very intelligent and thoughtful way. The keys are to fully understand the impact of coaching, design a plan to implement a coaching process and connect coaching to the other business and developmental initiatives in place. By doing so, the organization will realize the payoff and many benefits that Executive Coaching can offer.”

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