Coaching Tip – Delegation in 5 Steps

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    Many of my coaching clients have trouble delegating. It’s an essential skill of managers and leaders because delegation frees up time as well as develops people.

    Here is a simple 5 step delegation model to assure what you delegate meets your expectations.

    1. Identify the need – What are you doing that someone else could do? What gaps need to be filled? What is important that is not getting done?

    2. Identify the person – Who has the appropriate skill set? Who needs to be developed?

    3. Meet with the person and partner to create the delegation plan

    Let them know why you chose them

    Communicate what entails a successful outcome

    What are the non-negotiables – budget, time, new equipment, people resources?

    What are the performance standards/expectations?

    At what milestones/dates will the person report back progress to you?

    4. Have the person implement the delegation plan

    5. Follow up with support and coaching

    Be sure to check-in if milestones/dates are missed

    Acknowledge a job well done as appropriate

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