Unpack Your Backpack

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    During a recent coaching session, my client was overwhelmed and stressed because of all of his responsibilities. He said his shoulders felt weighted down, like he was carrying a heavy backpack.

    I asked what he would like to accomplish on our call – emphatically he stated he wanted to get things in his life sorted out. I asked “How would you like to go about doing this?” After a moment he replied, “I want to unpack my back pack. I don’t even know what’s in there anymore.”

    So that’s what we did, unpacked and prioritized what to do with the items in his backpack. At the end of our session, he had focus and an action plan. This made him feel lighter and under control again.

    What a great metaphor – “Unpack your Backpack”

    What’s weighting down your backpack?

    What’s your plan to unpack it, focus and take action on what’s in there?

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