Quitters Never Win?

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    This Blog is by Kathie Allen, CPCC, ACC – Guest Writer

    Recently I was coaching a client who was overwhelmed with work and wholeheartedly believed that “quitters never win.” I asked her/him, “What are some valid reasons why someone would quit any of the work s/he is doing?” “Well,” s/he said, “if you aren’t any good at what you do, then I guess that’s a reason. And, if what you are doing doesn’t fit who you are anymore, then that would be a good reason to give it up. And, if someone else is better at it than I am and I don’t enjoy my work anymore, then I could resign.” When s/he heard her/his words, s/he spoke her/his truth immediately: “I’m afraid that if I let go, someone will judge me for that action. Mostly I will judge myself for quitting!”

    What about you? What are you holding on to that no longer fits? What are you doing that you aren’t very skilled at or isn’t your passion but you’re doing it because you think you have to?

    Clarify for yourself the things you do well, the things you are passionate about, and the places where you make a difference and feel alive when you engage in them. Then set out to do them. Leave the things you don’t do well to someone who can. Don’t rob them of the chance to contribute to what they do well.

    What do you really want to quit? I challenge you to do so as soon as possible! Your stress will be reduced, and you will begin to live from a place of passion and peace as you pursue work that is a great fit.

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    Kathie Allen, CPCC, ACC – Professional Life and Leadership Coach. Kathie loves to work with people who believe in the greater good and those in search of deeper meaning for their lives. Contact Kathie: 218-326-9267 • insight@paulbunyan.net