Is the Day Before Vacation Your Most Productive Day of the Year?

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    Have you ever noticed that the day before you leave for vacation is your most productive day of the year? From my perspective here are some reasons why we become “super efficient”. I suggest these strategies to my coaching clients who are getting ready for vacation – I trust they will help you, too.

    Focus on essential priorities – create a sense of urgency to only focus on the things that absolutely need to get accomplished

    Delegate or ask for help – find ways to get assistance for tasks that you cannot accomplish alone

    Reschedule the non urgent tasks – tasks or meetings that are non-essential are slated for a later date or cancelled entirely

    Understand the finite nature of time – respect your time – no procrastinating, “busy work”, reading junk emails, extra phone calls or unnecessary searching the web

    Use block time – utilize uninterrupted periods of time to increase your efficiency

    Have a plan – have a “do list” to follow – either on paper or in your mind. It is your “blueprint” for completion of the essential tasks

    What do you do the day before vacation?

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