Coaching Tip – How to Bust Paralysis by Analysis

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    Are you the type of person that will not act until you have “all your ducks in a row”?

    Successful people are the ones that move forward with their ideas, goals and endeavors even when they don’t have everything figured out. They focus on what they want – and take action.

    Here are 5 tips to Bust Paralysis by Analysis that help my coaching clients:

    1. Forgo perfection – strive to be your “best” rather that striving to be “perfect”. No one can be perfect. Expending your time and effort on perfection gets you bogged down.

    2. Adopt the winning strategy of “Go-Ready-Set” versus “Ready-Set-Go”. Create momentum by getting started and take the first step. Once you begin, you can tweak your course along the way towards a successful outcome. As in physics, a body in motion stays in motion.

    3. Set a deadline – realistically allocate how much time you will spend on a project or situation. When you are intentional about how much time you will spend you will find you can usually get it finished in the projected timeframe.

    4. Get an accountability buddy – enlist the support of others (and your coach) to keep on task. When you are accountable to someone else, you are less likely to get mired down.

    5. Make decisions faster – by making faster, wiser decisions you can take action quickly. Practice your decision making skills with simple everyday decisions – i.e. give yourself only 1 minute to decide what to order at a restaurant.

    As Nike says – “Just Do It!”

    How will you bust your Paralysis by Analysis today?

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