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    I am privileged to be the Coaching Blog Manager for Authenticity Consulting. This Blog will be a forum for learning, idea exchange, and discussion with you, our readers.

    I became a Professional Coach in 1999. At that time, there were only about 10,000 coaches and handful of coaching schools available – the main ones being, Coaches Training Institute and CoachU . In telling people that I was a Professional Coach, they would inevitably ask, “What Sport?”

    Fast forward to 2010 – the coaching industry has exploded. According to the ICF Global Coaching Survey it is conservatively estimated that there are now 30,000 (some say 50, 000) active coaches worldwide and that the coaching industry generates approximately 1.5 billion annually. It is predicted that the coaching industry is still in its growth phase and that there will continue to be a demand for coaching services and coaching career opportunities.

    Here are some of the topics our Blog will initially feature.

    • Define coaching: distinctions between coaching, consulting, mentoring, counseling
    • How does coaching work?
    • Types of coaching
    • The coach-client relationship
    • Coaching ethics
    • What to look for in selecting a coach
    • Coaching skills and tips
    • Coaching trends

    I welcome you to participate by posting a reply with your thoughts, comments and questions regarding coaching.

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