Appendix to “6 Important Items to Include in Board Orientation Packages”

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    Yesterday, I wrote an article about what was important to include in board orientation packages While some people felt that it would be overwhelming to give new board members all that information. I continue to reiterate that it is important that your board be well-informed in order for them to make good decisions.

    In one of the LinkedIn groups that I belong to, two people offered up some great additional ideas on what should be included. They are:

    Angineeki Jones suggested the following also be included:

    • A copy of the Executive Director’s job description because the board does oversee the ED.
    • Goals that have been set for the previous and present years.
    • A copy of the organization’s bylaws, as this is the basis of all their decisions and how the organization will function.
    • A copy of the articles of incorporation.
    • A list of other board members with term end dates.

    Sally Witte suggested you also include a copy of the most recent audited financial statement.

    These suggestions sparked one more idea on my part. That is to include your most recent and previous year’s Annual General Meeting Reports.

    Question of the Day: Can you think of anything else that should be included in your board orientation package?


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