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    Behavioral targeting and the next wave of advertising

    What’s the Social Graph? According to Wikipedia, “The social graph is a term coined by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, which originally referred to the social network of relationships between users of the social networking service provided by Facebook. It has been described as ‘the global mapping of everybody and how they’re related’”. WOW.

    The social graph is digital, versus a social network, which is human relationship. “It’s a small world” applies to these concepts. In social networks, we are all connected to each other, as in the Six Degrees of Separation wherein we can reach anyone via six connections, because dense clusters create shortcuts.

    Leverage the Social Graph

    LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner recently claimed that leveraging the social graph is the key to the future success of online marketing.

    In the last few years, advertisers learned to use information on an individual’s web-browsing and search behavior as the basis for selecting ads to display to that individual. That concept also extended to profile information on social networks. For example, have you noticed that on Facebook, display ads incorporating your age regularly show up on the right side of your wall? They’ve used your birth date to more narrowly target you, the consumer.

    The social graph is the next wave of data and behavior mining. And display advertising will leverage the greater depth of social graph information.

    Marketers’ target audiences grow exponentially

    Word-of-mouth advertising is now on steroids. Social data tells us quite complex stories about consumers’ preferences. Now marketers have the power to reach the extended pool of an individual’s like-minded network.

    If display advertisers use techniques effectively – offering highly relevant, interactive, and informative ads that engage a consumer – they will tell their social network, click through, and build relationship.

    Display advertising projections

    According to Google, “By 2015, the online display market will be a $50 billion dollar business. Half of online ads will feature video, and 75 percent will contain some sort of social element.”

    Have you considered highly-targeted online display ads in your marketing plan? Tell us how.


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