Should We Ask Our Donors To Give More Than Once Each Year ??

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    An email noted: “Staff members at my organization seem to believe we will lose our donors if we ask them to give more than once a year. I would appreciate hearing from others on this concern.”

    OK. I know I’ve said this before, but the worst, absolutely the worst, thing that has ever happened to nonprofit fundraising is the invention/use of the term “Annual Fund.”

    “It” tells/convinces (inexperienced) development staff that they only have to ask constituents to give once each year, or that they only have to get constituents to give once each year.

    “It” also suggests to donors/constituents that they should only give once each year.

    Boy, is that dumb. Why would any non-profit organization want to do that ??

    Fundraising/Development is an ongoing process of cultivation/education, solicitation and stewardship. In case you never heard the expression, “the thank-you is the first step in cultivating for the next gift.”

    People who don’t approve of asking more than once each year, are the same people who think that asking for money is basically distasteful; something someone else should do, not them — it’s beneath them.

    What that means is that they have no clue what the non-profit sector is all about.

    Of course, if the folks at your agency are right, then all the experience and experts are wrong. What do you think the odds are of that ??

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