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    August 13:


    Checklists – A Valuable Tool for the Nonprofit – Part I
    by Bill Huddleston

    Addressing the challenge of being able to filter out unnecessary information and acquire/apply actionable and useful knowledge.

    August 20:


    Four Major Donor-Retention Sins
    by Jonathan Howard

    The success/growth of your direct mail fundraising program lies with getting those first-timers to keep giving.

    August 20:


    Make your Grant Proposals More Visually Appealing
    by Jayme Sokolow

    People who put proposals together are often highly intelligent;but, perhaps because they are so focused on content, they ignore the obvious need to make their proposals pleasing to the eye.

    August 27:


    Things That Fundraising Managers Need To Keep In Mind When Working With Millennials
    by K. Michael Johnson

    Millennials have an internet-first mindset when it comes to communication, problem solving, shopping, you name it. Now, contrast that with the network-first mindset (“Who do I know who can help?”) of many in older generations. These different approaches are a recipe for tension in the workplace.

    September 3:


    Checklists – A Valuable Tool for the Nonprofit – Part II
    by Bill Huddleston

    Checklists can be lifesavers … literally as well as figuratively … and not just in the world of fundraising.

    September 10:


    Your Bequest Program: It’s Easy Getting Started
    by John Elbare, CFP

    The simple bequest, which is a charitable gift in a donor’s will (or living trust), still accounts for most planned gifts — and it is the easiest program to implement.

    September 10:


    Being Quick and Genuine with Your Thanks To Donors
    by Tony Poderis

    Thanking donors seems like something so basic that we shouldn’t even have to talk about it. But more mistakes, with more devastating results for donor loyalty, are made in the thanking of donors than anyplace else.

    September 17:


    When to hire a Fundraising/Development Consultant — Part I
    by Hank Lewis

    A fundraising consultant can be of great help, not just in providing expertise that your organization would not otherwise have available, but also in getting things said to your board and/or your executive director that can’t/won’t be said by a member of the family.

    September 24:


    When to hire a Fundraising/Development Consultant Part II
    by Hank Lewis

    There are lots of issues/circumstances that would more easily be resolved with the help of a fundraising/development consultant.

    October 1:


    Checklists – A Valuable Tool for the Nonprofit – Part II
    by Bill Huddleston

    Making the most of your checklists – improving the likelihood of success in your Combined Federal Campaign enrollment.

    October 8:


    Reason And Emotion In Grant Writing: An Observation
    by Tony Poderis

    On June 18 & 25, Lynne deLearie wrote about “Reason and Emotion in Grant Proposals. Coincidentally, I’ve recently been involved in some discussions in which some folks were leaning much too far in one direction or the other….

    October 15:


    Tech-Related Advice For My Fellow Millennials
    by K. Michael Johnson

    In my last post, I shared a few thoughts with fundraising managers about supervising “digital natives.” Today, I have some tech-related advice for my fellow Millennials.


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