A Change to The Fundraising Blog…

Sections of this topic

    …in frequency, not in substance.

    Up to now (and except for Summertime) we’ve been publishing twice each week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Starting in January, we’ll be publishing only on Wednesdays; but, each posting will contain two shorter pieces on different subjects (sometimes half of a longer piece).

    For over three-and-one-half years, we’ve been writing/posting about Fundraising/Development — The Basics and the more Advanced….

    We’ve written on (in alphabetical order) Board & Staff Relations, Capital Campaigns, Certification, Corporate Fundraising, Development Staff, Donor Categories, Donor Recognition, Donor Relations, Effective Grantsmanship – Foundation and Government, Fundraising Accounting Practices, Fundraising Constituencies, Fundraising Consultants, Fundraising Ethics, Fundraising Leadership, Fundraising Planning, Hiring Consultants, Major Gifts, The Mature Non-Profit, The New Nonprofit, Nonprofit Leadership, Planned Giving (including Bequest Programs), Planning Studies, Special Events, Social Media, Workplace Fundraising … and even a couple of book reviews.

    We’ve been writing in our areas of expertise, about subjects/issues we deem important, that we think would be of value to our readers.

    We’ll keep ’em coming, but we’d like to be sure we’re writing about what you’d like to read about.

    Let us know. We look forward to your continuing feedback.

    We’re taking a break … be back on Wednesday, January 8 with an Announcement of and Descriptions of the following ten postings.

    Happy Holidays
    From Hank, Natalie, Lynn, Jayme, Bill and Tony

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